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Great salespeople don’t need to tell lies to get the deal done, but we’re all human and when we’re in the moment with the customer, sometimes they just come out!

Using an AI-Powered sales automation CRM like Spiro can help you talk to more people each week, but it can’t stop you from stretching the truth now and again. Here’s a list of the most common lies salespeople tell so you can do your best to avoid them:

1. I can definitely get you 80% off list price.

We all want to do whatever it takes to close a deal, but telling a customer you can get them an unrealistic deeply discounted price is just a bold faced lie and won’t end well.

2. That shirt looks so great on you!

Truth be told, I once had a salesperson say this to me when I was wearing a ratty old t-shirt. I knew they were just trying to build rapport, but false flattery is a terrible idea. Remember, if you don’t have anything (genuinely) nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

3. My product will not only trim your hedges but will also mow your lawn.

You may be selling an amazing product, but nothing does all things for all people. Beware of falling into the “embellishing your features” lie.  This is a common lie salespeople tell, but avoid it at all costs.

4. We are running out of stock, so you better act now!

If you are selling a product that isn’t that scarce, like rice for instance, let’s not pretend your supply is running out just to push the deal forward faster. You may be doing yourself a disservice – if you didn’t rush the buyer into making a decision, you possibly could have sold a bigger deal. 

5. My competition sucks – you should go with me.

If you’re a small company and up against a large organization, don’t make shit up, just highlight how the small size of your company has its advantages over a larger one.  

6. Last year I increased my customer satisfaction rating by 400%.

Even though this stat may technically be true, if you’ve twisted around the numbers to embellish the story then it’s a lie. Going from a customer satisfaction rating of 1 to 4, on a scale of 1 to 10, is 400% better, but you’re still below average.

7. Yes, my pipeline is completely accurate.

In your weekly meetings with your sales manager, they want to get a better idea of your deals so they can produce a solid forecast. Your overly confident lies about deals closing sooner, or being larger, can really screw up their projections. Your manager is there to help you, so look to them for advice on how to move your deals along and create the most accurate pipeline you can.

8. Next year I’ll make President’s Club, sweetheart.

If you say and don’t make it, then it’s a lie. If you want to put it on your vision board in a quest to make your dream a reality, then sure, tell your spouse you’ll make it to President’s Club. But then don’t become a lazy sack of shit. Use Spiro, close more deals, crush your quota, and actually take your wife to President’s Club!

9. Hello, Bob, I got your name from a friend of a friend…

Don’t fabricate your very first conversation – the customer will see right through you.

10. You’re from Hicksville? OMG, I just LOVE Hicksville!!!!!

As salespeople, we’re told to find a common ground to bond with prospects on, but really, Hicksville? Nobody loves Hicksville! The fake rapport building lie not only sounds unbelievable, but your prospect may start to honestly talk about their hometown, and your jack shit knowledge of Hicksville will quickly shine through.

(Editorial note: I grew up next to the town of Hicksville, NY, and I’m just using it as an example in this blog. Hicksville might be a really great place.)

It takes time and effort to build trust between the customer and salesperson. Don’t make that process any harder or longer than it needs to be. Cut the lies and let the truth set your quota free!

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About the Author Adam Honig

Adam is the co-founder and CEO of Spiro Technologies. He is a natural sales leader with a mission to help salespeople make more money using artificial intelligence — or any sort of intelligence for that matter. Adam has been a founder of four companies which resulted in two triumphant IPOs and two legendary mergers. He is best known for speaking at various conferences including Dreamforce, for pioneering the ‘No Jerks’ hiring model, and for flying his drone while traveling the world.


  • S price says:

    I was detecting a condescending tone throughout this piece; however, I pushed through. Then I read the Peoria comment. I’m from Peoria, along with many others, and we love Peoria. First rule, know your audience…when you write a blog everyplace, everywhere is your audience. You just lost the sale!

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