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Sales is known for its ups and downs. Almost everyone feels amazing when they close a big deal and terrible when things aren’t going as planned. While this is part of the natural cycle of sales, it can contribute to another common phenomenon among salespeople: no longer being excited by their job.

Again, it’s easy to be excited when you’re new to a position or company, or just started making a lot of money. But that excitement wears off eventually as you get used to the day to day of the job and as the challenges that once got you going no longer feel the same. If you’re indifferent about your sales job now, here are ten ways you can get yourself excited about your sales job again:

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1. Remember your “why”

Without a purpose, you won’t be excited about anything, let alone a demanding job like sales. Whether you’re working to provide a better life for your family, to save up enough money never to work again, or to allow your English Bulldog, Bartholomew, to live like a king, your “why” should be your biggest motivating force.

2. Go on vacation

Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, no matter how focused of a worker they are. Take some time to recharge your batteries by going somewhere on vacation. Not only will you get some much needed relaxation time, vacations also allow you to put things in perspective, and help you come back more excited and with new goals in mind.

3. Bond with your coworkers

You can feed off of the people you work with to get yourself excited about your job. This can be done by spending time with some highly-motivated top producers, or by showing a newer hire the ropes. Of course, you’ll want to stay away from the negative complainers, who will only have the opposite effect on you.

4. Ask your sales manager for help

Your sales manager is literally a resource for you, so don’t be afraid or hesitant to ask for help in getting re-energized. A good sales manager will help you by working with you on your goals, by helping you find a new or different market or angle to pursue, and by offering you moral support and encouragement that can sometimes make all of the difference.

5. Close a big deal

Ok, this one might seem a bit obvious but there’s nothing that can get a salesperson excited about their job again as closing a really big (or difficult) deal, and getting a great paycheck from it. Sometimes all it takes is one big one to put things in perspective and open the floodgates again.

6. Reflect on the big picture

When you’re in the day to day grind (or occasional boredom) of your sales job, it might be hard to put things in context. But you should get in the habit of looking at your career in terms of years or decades, and not in terms of days or weeks. Where are you now compared to 5 or 10 years ago? And where do you see yourself in ten or twenty years?

7. Do something different

We get so used to our routines sometimes that things get way too stale and it takes something different to get ourselves out of the monotony. Try taking a different route to work, completely changing your wardrobe, or rearranging your schedule throughout the day. There are plenty of ways to switch things up and try something new, but you have to make the effort.

8. Attend a sales training course or a networking seminar

Even if you’re the type of person who can’t stand sales training or attending events, you should try being open to trying it, simply because it can provide a different perspective and help you get yourself excited about sales again. Sometimes you can learn some valuable information from sales training, even if it’s one important thing out of dozens of unimportant ones. And if you attend a networking event and talk to people, you’ll undoubtedly walk away with more knowledge and connections than you walked in with.

9. Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor can be beneficial in more ways than one. A great mentor can be a trusted resource that you can call for advice, and can also provide you with a great career roadmap that you can follow to get yourself excited about your job again. Mentorship is extremely limited in sales, especially when compared to many other professions, but it shouldn’t be overlooked in it’s value.

10. If all else fails, look for something new

Sometimes your excitement isn’t going to come back, because you’ve outgrown the role or because the company itself doesn’t provide the support or management that employees need. Sometimes it’s simply time to move onto something else. There are millions of sales positions available, so you probably won’t have to search for long, but make sure you’ve tried everything else before jumping ship.

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