• December 29, 2022

10 Things Salespeople Do When No One is Watching

10 Things Salespeople Do When No One is Watching

A salesperson’s role is a public-facing one. As representatives of their organization, salespeople must put their best foot forward to make sure they’re projecting a proper image, in addition to being effective communicators of their company’s value.

But there are many hours in the day. When the calls and meetings are over and salespeople are left to their own devices, they can do things without the watchful eye of their prospects, customers, coworkers, and importantly, sales managers. Here are 10 of the things salespeople really do when no one is watching:

1. Blast music to get pumped up on the way to work

“Here I go, again on my own! Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known!”

2. Get nervous every time they get a phone call from a deal in progress

“Hi Margaret. Is… everything alright?”

3. Calculate their future commission check

“If I close the McCarthy deal, then I hit the double multiplier and…”

4. Rationalize why it’s taking the prospect so long to call back

“Maybe his doctor’s appointment ran long. Sometimes they run long.”

5.  Grudgingly eat that granola bar they hate from the vending machine

It’s gross, but it’s better than nothing

6. Look at their own LinkedIn profile, especially the photo

Why do my eyebrows look like that?

7. Open up a secret browser window that no one else can see

ESPN.com, the news, or social media.

8. Get into pointless debates with their coworkers 

“Of course there should only be one Dakota. You don’t need two states.”

9. Ignore the lunch they brought with them and get takeout instead

A tuna salad sandwich or Pad Thai? Tough decision…

10. Dream about their deals 

Some people count sheep. Salespeople count calls and clients

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