• July 23, 2018

5 Ways Spiro Improved My Sales Technique

5 Ways Spiro Improved My Sales Technique

Even the best salespeople can improve themselves in some way or another. There is no doubt in my mind that using Spiro’s sales automation CRM made me a better salesperson (and can do the same for you).

Here are 5 ways Spiro improved my sales technique:

1. Fully Researching Prospects

Spiro gathers all of the information I need about a prospect without me needing to do tons of data entry. This makes it easy to see all the information I need about a contact or company before I call. Having this information at the ready and using it helps me to generate better rapport with prospects. It’s amazing how far a little personalization can go in a conversation.

Spiro improved my sales technique by proving the importance of researching a prospect before a call. As I checked Spiro before one of my recent sales calls I realized that my prospect actually went to my high school! Talking about our high school football team was likely much of what led to an extremely positive response to my pitch.

2. Increased Follow-Up

Not long after I started to use Spiro, I realized just how important following up with potential customers truly is. While I already made sure to follow-up several times on each lead, every now and then someone would slip through the cracks because I had forgotten when I had last contacted them.

With Spiro, I don’t even need to remember who to follow up with. Spiro takes care that for me by logging my calls and emails and creating reminders of when to follow-up. The results speak for themselves. Since I started following up with every recommendation Spiro gives me, I am closing more deals every month and crushing my sales quota.

3. Better Time Management

As all salespeople know, you aren’t going to make it very far by being disorganized. I already had some fairly solid time management skills that I developed through my years of sales experience, but Spiro took them to the next level.

Seeing Spiro’s list of all the calls and emails it recommended that I made each day was a frequent reminder that I had to have my schedule planned immaculately.

4. Utilizing Sales Reporting

Spiro taught me the importance of integrating sales reporting into my sales technique by generating intelligent reports of my pipeline that I could actually use. Before using Spiro, I very rarely used sales reports to inform my sales technique.

The sales reports Spiro creates have been invaluable in visualising all my in-progress deals. In particular, the Opportunity-Risk Analysis has been helpful in finding any stalled deals and letting me know who I need to give some increased attention to.

5. Positive Attitude

It may seem minor in light of all the other incredible things that Spiro can do, but the constant motivation Spiro provides does make a difference in my sales technique. I have my Spiro personality set to Surfer Dude, which reminds me of what I need to do in a very chill and positive way. After all, I don’t need more stress in my life when I have hundreds of prospects to stay on top of.

Sales can be a stressful job, and Spiro improved my sales technique by showing that a little bit of humor and encouragement throughout the day can go a long way in reducing sales stress. Many days, right as I am about to leave work, a message from Spiro is what convinces me to make another call.