• October 22, 2015

Salespeople Love Money… So What?

Salespeople Love Money… So What?

Here at Spiro we’re all about sales guys making a sick amount of money. Nothing would make us happier than to hear you’re making half a mill. It’s in our DNA as sales pros to make that happen, and our AI-Powered CRM is here to help.

But we want to dive deeper here. Why are we so often misunderstood just because we think money is important in life?

My dad thought it was terrible that I was focused on money as a salesperson. It was hard to get him to understand that I measured my success by the money I made. But I understand why he thought that way when I consider all the negative stereotypes about salespeople out there. People think we’re dishonest, loud, manipulative, shallow, brutish… and, of course, greedy.

Granted, a lot of salespeople are competitive and care strongly about reaching our goals. At my previous company, the top sales guys were neck in neck on closing in on $10 million this year. It’s not because they’re only motivated by the money, but because they want to be Number One – to be proud of their accomplishments and have something to show for it.

Salespeople don’t operate under the same rules as everyone else. If you make a sales guy more productive, he’s not necessarily going to sell more because his motivation comes from within. A recent Harvard Business Review study from Steve Martin asked if top salespeople are born or made. Can you guess the answer? They’re born.

Salespeople possess inherent traits that make them succeed at this job. One of those is that we care about making money. You can list all the platitudes you want – money is the root of all evil, money can’t buy you love, etc.- but they all miss the point. Our motivation isn’t just a bigger bank account, it’s the freedom that bigger bank accounts can get us.

Sales is one of the few professions where you have a lot more control over your destiny and that control is what can bring true happiness. Self actualization is at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, a model in psychology that shows what people need to reach the ultimate contentment in life. What do you need to reach self-actualization? Resources, of course. Resources like money.

Salespeople like money and they need to own up to it. It’s not a scarlet letter, it’s an affirmation of control over your own life.