How Spiro Has Helped American Realty Increase Productivity 10 Times Over!

American Realty

American Realty is a real estate group based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Their business is geared towards US and Canada customers, with their goal of “Bringing American Style Brokerage to Paradise”.

Theo Griscti, Real Estate Sales Manager

We recently spoke with one of our long-time Spiro customers, Theo Griscti, the Real Estate Sales Manager for American Realty. We wanted to hear about his introduction to Spiro and how our proactive relationship management solution has helped their reps increase productivity by 10 times since implementation.

When searching for a sales solution, Theo was looking for something new and hip, and felt like Spiro was revolutionizing the way people interact with and use sales solutions.

Our Customer’s Pain Points

When Theo started out at American Realty, the sales team was tracking their important customer details and conversations on scraps of paper. If Theo was lucky, the reps would log their activities in excel, but nothing was consistent or organized. Conversations would be forgotten, handwritten notes would be mistakenly thrown away, and important details would drift out to sea.

Theo and his real estate team were selling gorgeous 3 bedroom turn key gated community condos in Playa to clients with budgets under $150,000 and there has been so much demand his team was having trouble tracking all the clients… They just didn’t have time for data entry.

American Realty realized they desperately needed a sales solution. The problem was, they needed one their reps would actually use.

Spiro’s Solution

They happened upon Spiro through a google search, and were drawn to it for three main reasons:

1. Reasonably Priced

American Realty wanted a solution that wasn’t too expensive, and had an all-inclusive price. Spiro’s cost includes data migration, configuration, and customer training, with no hidden fees. Our customer success team walks clients through the set-up process, helping them import data, and making sure they are properly onboarded. This was a big draw for Theo, as other competitors charge for all add-ons, and this wasn’t in the budget for American Realty.

2. Ease of Use, Whenever, Wherever

Most real estate sales reps are out of the office constantly. In an ideal world, they are meeting with customers at prospective properties and closing deals. Having a solution that gave the reps access on the go was a key selling point. Spiro has a mobile app with full functionality, so reps can not only access their data, but easily log calls and notes whenever, wherever. Even from the beaches of Playa del Carmen!

3. Customer Interface

Since American Realty wasn’t using an existing sales solution, it was important to find one that was user friendly. Theo liked Spiro’s user interface and said his reps find the system to be very intuitive. Since Spiro has many AI-automated capabilities, it’s a solution reps are willing to use. Basically, automation takes the busy work out of sales and allows reps to focus on selling. Sales reps like that!

The Results

One main concern for Theo was getting Spiro mplemented and getting the reps to use it. He said the importing of customer data was simple and the process was smooth. Having our customer success team always there to answer his calls, and respond to his emails helped the team feel supported and easily adopt Spiro.

The real estate market has its own challenges that a sales solution needs to help work around. Most of the clients are making a purchase based on emotion, so building a strong rapport between agent and customer is key. Also, American Realty’s clients tend to be in Playa del Carmen on vacation, and it’s of utmost importance to stay in touch with them once they return home. Before Spiro, customer’s weren’t being followed up with and deals were falling through the cracks.

Theo says, “Spiro has given us the ability to keep the conversation flowing and deals moving along. Since using Spiro, we have increased our productivity and work effectiveness by 10 times!”

Now with Spiro, all activities and notes are easily and automatically captured. When reps go to make their calls, all notes are accessible to them, so they remember what all previous conversations were about. As Theo said, sometimes, you won’t hear from a client for months, but you have to remember what things they were looking for in a property.

Spiro makes it easy for their reps to log all of this information, and proactively reminds their reps when to call their contacts,. Spiro has allowed them a way to easily keep in touch with their customers and build better rapport.

Theo says, “It’s been a massive benefit to everyone. Spiro has given us the ability to keep the conversation flowing and deals moving along. Since using Spiro, we have increased our productivity and work effectiveness by 10 times!”