Case Study: How Caveo Learning Has Increased Sales by 40% with Spiro

Caveo Learning

A niche consulting firm specializing in learning and development for Fortune 100 companies.


We recently caught up with one of our customers, the VP of Sales at Caveo Learning, to see how Spiro was working for their sales team.

Not only has Spiro helped his reps land c-level meetings, but Caveo also reported that they have increased sales by 40% since implementing Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform!

Our Customer’s Pain Points

Caveo needed a sales solution that would help their sales reps have more impactful one-on-one meetings with clients, and better interactions with key customers.

Their sales managers also wanted to find a product that would assist them in coaching their reps, and provide improved reporting and sales forecasting.

Spiro’s Solution

They chose Spiro’s proactive relationship management solution for two main reasons.

1. Proactive Recommendations

Spiro automatically generates personalized reminders by looking at sales reps’ recent emails and phone calls with their prospects. Using that data, and best sales practices, tailored proactive recommendations are sent to reps to keep their best deals moving forward. Caveo Learning understood how beneficial this could be in helping their reps stay on top of all their deals, and allow them to contact more prospects than ever before.

2. Coaching Tools

Spiro provides easy-to-use coaching tools that allow sales managers to prioritize deals and focus their reps’ attention where it is needed most. Caveo was excited that Spiro would automatically rank their team’s opportunities as high, medium or low. Then using Spiro’s Priority View, Steve could adjust these to make sure his team was focusing on the right activities.

The Results

Since using Spiro, Caveo Learning has seen a spike in the number of client interactions each rep is successfully completing.

In fact, the VP of Sales at Caveo said, “…not only have we seen a  jump in my sales team reaching more prospects, but we’ve also increased our sales 40% year over year since implementing Spiro.”

In fact, the VP of Sales at Caveo said,

not only have we seen a  jump in my sales team reaching more prospects, but we’ve also increased our sales 40% year over year since implementing Spiro.

Spiro’s built-in reporting functionalities have helped Caveo’s management produce forecasting reports with more ease and accuracy than ever before.

With Spiro, managers have complete visibility of all their reps’ deals, and the ability to re-prioritize opportunities. This has allowed Caveo to forecast better and has also helped to align the executive leadership with their salesforce.

The native email templates have also been a huge productivity enhancer for Caveo’s sales team. They save sales reps’ valuable time and have helped Caveo secure several meetings this year with the C-suite. Thanks to Spiro’s pre-populated emails, Steve’s team has landed meetings with AutoDesk,, and Apple, just to name a few.

Steve closed our conversation by saying, “…with Spiro’s ease of use, coaching choices and great mobile applications, it’s the perfect solution for any company in need of an amazing sales platform.”

Let us know if you’d like to schedule a demo to see how Spiro can help your sales team close more deals!