Case Study: How Spiro Has Helped F&M Expressions Organize Their Sales Life

F&M Expressions Unlimited

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Christian Zarate, Sales Director

With so many moving pieces, and the sheer volume of prospects to reach out to, there is an overwhelming amount of things to keep organized in the day-to-day life of a sales rep.

We recently talked with Christian Zarate, the Sales Director at F&M Expressions Unlimited, about their struggles with this problem and their search for a sales solution to help solve it. Here is why they chose Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform to help them track their contacts and manage their accounts and activities. 

Our Customer’s Pain Points

F&M was having a hard time handling a way to track conversations and capture all the details associated with every activity. Data entry was taking up too much time, and their reps weren’t able to stay organized.

They needed a solution that would do the data entry for them. They wanted to find a solution that would keep their reps moving through their sales day with ease, while staying on top of all their most important deals.

Spiro’s Solution

They chose Spiro for 2 main reasons:

1. Automated Activity Tracking

What F&M Expressions needed was a way to easily track all of their reps’ activities, without having them waste their day doing data entry. Spiro uses artificial intelligence to work as a virtual assistant, automatically capturing every call, text and email for the sales reps. Spiro takes what, in other sales solutions, is usually a tedious process of logging activities, and makes it an automated one.

2. Proactive Follow Up Reminders

A key differentiator that was attractive to F&M Expressions is the proactive reminders each sales rep receives to help guide them through their day. And then, once a salesperson completes an activity, Spiro recommends a next step, so that rep can set a follow-up action right then and there. As Christian said “Spiro seems to think for me, and walks me through each interaction.” Spiro’s auto-generated daily to-do list is organized by the priority of your opportunities, making sure every rep is taking the best next step to close more deals.

The Results

Having previous experience with Salesforce, Christian wanted to choose a solution that was different – one that was so easy to use that his reps would actually use it!  And they have found success with Spiro.

Prior to adopting Spiro, F&M Expressions struggled with remembering in detail all the conversations they were having with prospects. The problem is, if you don’t log those activities, things get forgotten and deals fall through the cracks. Spiro provided them an automated way to log each call, text, and email, so no conversation would be lost, and reps wouldn’t waste their time on data entry. Now when they make their next follow-up, all of that information is right there at their fingertips.

Christian has seen a great improvement in his time management since using Spiro. In particular, he has found the proactive follow-up reminders extremely useful. Christian said, “When I speak with a customer, I can quickly create a follow up to call him/her back, and I can give a quick detail within the reminder so that I know why I am calling, and what we discussed last.“  This feature saves valuable time and ensures that no deal is missed. It is a best practice in sales to set your next action with a customer as soon as you complete one, and Spiro does this automatically for you.

The proactive follow-up reminders save valuable time and ensure that no deal is missed

Not only has Spiro helped F&M Expressions automate and organize their sales life, but it does it with humor. Spiro comes loaded with 7 different personalities, that can help guide you through your day in a voice that is motivating to you. Christian and his team are enjoying the many personalities of Spiro, and he said, “It makes boring tasks like logging calls and emailing a little more fun.”

It seems like F&M Expressions has finally found a sales solution their sales team will use. With the help AI-technology, Spiro is driving the direction of their sales team’s daily activities, so their reps can focus on what they do best: closing deals.