Case Study: How Spiro provides high value at a low cost to 1Cell Bio

1Cell Bio

1Cell Bio provides the biomedical research community with automated single-cell analysis systems.

Mike Kopczynski, Chief Operating Officer

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of our Spiro customers, Mike Kopczynski, the Chief Operating Officer at 1Cell Bio.

As a start-up company, they needed a simple sales solution for a relatively small sales team.

Now that they have been using our proactive relationship management platform for about 6 months, I wanted to hear about their initial implementation of Spiro, and how it has been impacting their day to day sales life.

Our Customer’s Pain Points

When we first talked to 1Cell Bio, they weren’t using any system at all. They wanted a solution for their sales team that had the key capabilities of a large-enterprise solution, without all the headache. Similar to many smaller companies, they didn’t have a dedicated staff person to assist with the administration of a time consuming sales solution.

As Chief Operating Officer, Mike wanted a sales solution that they could implement with ease and allow their sales team to focus on selling, not on administrative tasks, like entering data and creating forecasts.

Spiro’s Solution

Spiro provided 1Cell Bio with an easy roll out that required little to no admin support.

They selected Spiro for three main reasons:

1. Reduced Admin Time

In previous roles,  Mike has worked with other, more mammoth solutions that seemed to over complicate the sales process with an abundance of required fields and a lot of manual data entry. Sales reps need to be able to focus their attention on making calls, talking to prospects, and moving their deals forward. Wasting time on data entry is lost time selling. Spiro addresses this problem by automating many of the administrative tasks for sales reps.  By utilizing artificial intelligence, Spiro suggests new opportunities, creates reminders, and builds the sales rep’s pipeline for them.

2. Simple to Use

A key benefit for 1Cell Bio is how easy it is to use Spiro. The user experience is extremely intuitive. Spiro guides you through logging calls without ever having to touch your keyboard. Mike’s reps have also been taking advantage of the Email Assistant, and find the ability to drill into opportunities right from their emails very helpful. The ease of use makes onboarding Spiro a breeze.

3. Great Mobile Application

With sales reps not always being at their desks, having a sales platform that was available on the go was a top priority for 1Cell Bio. Spiro works well across multiple devices, and user access on the web, iPhone and Android is included with every customer subscription.  You can also use the Email Assistant to get status updates, set reminders, update contact data, and much more. With Spiro you have full access to your data, allowing you to stay up-to-date on all your opportunities – whenever you want, wherever you are.

The Results

1Cell Bio was able to smoothly roll out Spiro and keep the focus on selling.

Mike said, “The reps gets everything they need out of it. They love the elimination of data entry and ability to set up reminders. And then be reminded about those reminders!”

Mike said, “The reps gets everything they need out of it. They love the elimination of data entry and ability to set up reminders. And then be reminded about those reminders!”

His senior team manages their own sales process very well. What he needed, as COO, was the ability to see what stage each deal is at, and how all their sales opportunities were moving through the funnel. Basically, he wanted a way to produce an accurate sales forecast. Spiro allows full visibility so managers can see exactly where all their reps’ deals stand, and provides reports that highlight anomalies in their forecast, like stalled deals, so managers can address those issues.

Mike commented that Spiro has good basic reports and customizing them was simpler than he thought. With a dedicated customer success manager assigned to 1Cell Bio (and to all our Spiro customers), any customized reports they needed were created in a timely manner to help them see the data that was important to them.

With Spiro, “the value is high and the cost is low.“ Mike said he would recommend Spiro as “a good front end system for the sales team. It focuses on the rep’s execution and helps drive sales.“