Case Study: How Spiro Voice Made’s Sales Team Efficient and Effective is essentially Uber for bodyshops. They bring the body shop right to your doorstep.

Danny Ghosn, President & CEO

We recently spoke with Danny, the President & CEO at to learn more about how Spiro is helping their sales reps become more efficient and effective.

Here are some of our findings from our conversation with

Our Customer’s Pain Points was searching for a system that would help make their sales reps more efficient by centralizing their data and reducing data entry time.

When their reps wanted to make contact with a customer, they had to go back and forth between screens to get the information, make the call, and track the action. It was extremely unproductive and slowed down their momentum. wanted to find a sales solution that would streamline the sales process and increase productivity.

Spiro’s Solution

They chose Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform for two main reasons.

1. Spiro Voice needed a solution to help their sales reps make more contact with their prospects. Spiro Voice provided them with an easy way to streamline the calling process. Spiro Voice gives users calling capabilities directly from their web browser. It provides one click dialing, and the ability to send and receive texts. Calls and text messages are then directly logged right into Spiro. You don’t have to switch screens to make a call, saving the reps valuable time that they can spend completing more calls.

2. Insightful Sales Reports

Spiro’s built-in reports provided with a way to monitor all the data that was important to them. Since Spiro automatically updates itself, it collects 8 times more data than traditional sales solutions. This provides data-rich sales reports that are accurate and can give you confidence in your forecasting.

The Results

Since using Spiro, Danny has seen a great improvement in their tracking and reporting. Spiro has given them a way to create the monthly reports he wanted to help them stay on top of all their most important KPIs. They are now able to track texts, actions, and follow-ups in a simple way, and use Spiro’s reports to gain valuable insight into what their reps are working on.

For their business in particular, the majority of communication with their customers happens through text messaging. Having Spiro Voice and the option to send and receive text messages has been key to their success. They love Spiro Voice’s user interface and the way it streamlines the calling process. Danny told me, “Spiro Voice has made calling a breeze. Having calls pop up on your screen makes it that much quicker and easier to stay in touch with more of our clients than ever before”.

Spiro Voice has made calling a breeze. Having calls pop up on your screen makes it that much quicker and easier to stay in touch with more of our clients than ever before.

They have seen a spike in their win rates as well. Spiro alerts the sales reps on who to call, making them more productive and efficient. This in turn leads to more contact with their prospects, and has driven up’s win rate. Danny said, “Since we started using Spiro, our closing ratio has improved, and that’s reason enough to be pleased with this product!”

On a closing note, Danny complimented the outstanding customer support they have been receiving from Spiro. Our centralized, easy to use platform can be customized to a company’s specific needs, and was happy with Spiro’s willingness and ability to help adapt our product to fit their requests.