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While the media can make salespeople seem like a whole different breed, they really aren’t that different from the rest of the population. For example, they enjoy a great holiday gift just like everyone else. Show that sales rockstar in your life how much you care by getting them the perfect gift.

High-Tech Alarm Clock

Salespeople can’t afford to be late to work, as that may mean missing an important call or meeting and losing a deal. Help prevent a catastrophe by getting them a crazy alarm where they need to spin in circles to shut it off, or even chase it around the room.

Wireless Headphones

Salespeople spend a lot of time on the phone. And nothing is more annoying than going to grab your headphones minutes before your sales call, just to realize that they have formed a giant knot in your pocket. Get the salesperson in your life a set without wires!

Stress Ball

Sales can be stressful. So the perfect gift for your favorite salesperson is a stress ball to squeeze when they’re on a call where the customer isn’t right.


When they have a successful call, give them a way to celebrate! Try getting them a gong to ring every time they close a deal.

BullS**t button

Salespeople deal with a lot of BS on the daily, so give them a way to call it like they see it with a handy button they can press.

Snazzy Tie

First impressions matter, so salespeople need to make sure that they look their best at all times. Get them a great tie so that they feel confident and crush their next sales meeting.

Joke Book

A good sense of humor is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a salesperson. Buy the salesperson in your life a book of jokes to bring a bit of laughter into their life – and to give them some material for their sales calls.

Personalized Mug

Any caffeine-addicted salesperson knows how annoying it is when their trusty mug mysteriously disappears from the office. Get them a mug with their name, or better yet their face on it to prevent the office thief from claiming it as their own.

Calendar with Cat Photos

Salespeople run a tight schedule, and need to be masters of planning ahead. Give them a way to keep organized, while also brightening their day up with a cute photo of kittens in a teacup.

Kickboxing Classes

Exercise is a great stress-reliever, especially when you can take your anger out in a productive way. Kickboxing is sure to get rid of that “I want to punch someone in the face” feeling.

Meal Kit Delivery Service

After a 10-12 hour day full of cold calls, often the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours in the kitchen. But, take out isn’t going to help them reach their New Year’s resolution.

Spa Day

One thing that I find salespeople to have a generally difficult time doing, is actually taking time for themselves. Force the salesperson in your life to take a well-deserved break by giving them a spa day.

A Proactive Relationship Management Platform

Want to truly show the sales rockstar in your life that you care? Then get them a great Proactive Relationship Management platform that works for them. I guarantee that they’ll absolutely love it, or your money back!

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