• About Spiro

    • Spiro comes from spirare which means to breathe, a breath of fresh air

      Spiro takes its name from the Latin spīrāre which means to breathe.

      We aim to be a breath of fresh air in a world where sales solutions are often soul sucking, time wasting, data entry requiring, beasts of burden.

    • Spiro helps salespeople make more money

      Our mission is to help sales teams make more money.

      Not just a little more money, a lot more money. We believe business applications should guide and help you get your work done so you can make more money.

    • You need more than dashboards, reports or charts

      You need more than dashboards, reports or charts.

      Spiro will show you a great report — but it should also tell you what it means, or even better, what to do about it. That’s a design philosophy we bring to our products.

    • Sales people like to have fun which is why Spiro tells jokes

      We know that salespeople like to have fun.

      We’re building that into our approach at every turn, which is why Spiro tells jokes and shows you interesting pictures. We like to have fun too.

Spiro has over 500 happy customers

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Over 500 happy customers, including:

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  • Founders, Team & Investors

    Our founders, Adam Honig, Andy Levi and Justin Kao have more than 40 years’ experience selling and delivering solutions to salespeople. At last count, they’ve built applications which have been used by over 300,000 sales professionals.

    If you’re interested in joining our sales, marketing or customer service team in Boston or our engineering team in Eastern Europe, send your resume to hr@spiro.ai.

    Spiro Technologies is a private company and funded by top venture capitalists, technology executives and passionate salespeople.

    For general information, or to sell us something, info@spiro.ai or give us a call at (617) 804-5560.