• Stay in touch with all your contacts and leads in an easy, streamlined way

    • Spiro’s Leads & Contact Management

      • automatically creates contacts and leads from your email or phone
      • generates activity history from your phone calls and emails
      • captures leads and helps you find contacts on LinkedIn
      • provides automated reminders
      • includes email templates for quick messages
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    • Automatically create contacts from your email or phone

      Spiro automatically finds contacts in your email and associates them with the right accounts and opportunities. You can also easily import them from your phone or bulk upload them into Spiro. No need to enter contacts again.


    • Activity history without data entry

      Spiro knows what’s going on with your contacts from your email, calendar and phone. No need to type updates. It’s all right there!

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    • Captures leads and helps you find contacts on LinkedIn

      Spiro gives you many ways to automatically bring in leads and will even read your email to look for new ones. Connect Spiro with MailChimp, Pardot, Facebook or any number of sources to bring leads to your sales team. Every contact record has a button that will quickly search LinkedIn so you can find more information.

    • Automated reminders

      Never forget to get back to a lead! Spiro watches your leads and interactions with your contacts, and suggests you follow-up with them at the right time. All without you ever needing to set a reminder.

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    • Email templates for quick messages

      Chose from one of our eleven amazing templates, or write your own and save it in Spiro for future use.