• Spiro automatically builds and updates your sales pipeline

    • Spiro’s Pipeline Management

      • automatically creates and updates opportunities
      • enables you to see at a glance all of your opportunities
      • allows drag and drop opportunities for prioritization
      • sends you proactive deal alerts
      • includes a built-in sales process
      • automates the next steps on opportunities
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    • Automatically creates and updates opportunities for you

      Spiro knows who you’re selling to from your email and calendar. After you confirm them, it automatically adds opportunities to your pipeline and keeps them up to date.


    • phone-opportunity-screen

      All your opportunities at a glance

      Sort by date created, next step or last activity. Edit the opportunities right from this list. Always know what you need to do next.

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    • tighter-priority-view-in-motion

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      Drag and drop prioritization

      Spiro’s artificial intelligence powered CRM automatically ranks your team’s opportunities as high, medium or low. Using our Priority View, you can adjust these to make sure your team is focusing on the right activities.

    • Built-in sales process

      Spiro comes with a simple, but powerful sales process that helps you track opportunities as they progress through the pipeline. Based on the sales stage, Spiro recommends different actions and forecast weighting.

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    • next-step

    • Automated next steps

      Opportunities are more likely to close if you have an agreed next step. Spiro automatically prompts sales professionals to create a next step after each interaction.