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Let me tell you the honest truth about how I became a salesperson, after studying philosophy in college. The fact is, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in “the real world.” I saw my friends apply to graduate school out of sheer panic instead of going into the working world. I knew I didn’t want to get another degree, so into the working world it was.

My very first job was at a consulting firm. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that I wasn’t very good at what I was doing. However, I was the only person who could actually talk to people at that company, which is how I became the go-to person when they were developing a sales team. As a salesperson, I quickly found my stride, and started to love what I was doing. Apparently, I have always been a salesperson at heart.

My days as a salesperson were filled with talking to a wide variety of exciting people, and providing solutions to them. And, I got paid to do it! I was in heaven, and the commissions were great.

But everything wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. At this company, we were tracking our leads on a giant whiteboard. Efficient, right? Well, as you can imagine, when sales started to amp up, things got a bit… messy. I knew there had to be a better way. Little did I know, this was going to be the start of my career-long quest for a solution to this problem.

After leaving the company, I realized that I had a passion for sales. I then began consulting for companies to help make their sales teams more effective. Naturally, this led to me helping with CRM implementations, which seemed great at first. Finally there was a way to keep track of everything in one place. But, it wasn’t user friendly, and required a lot of data entry and effort on the part of the salesperson. And above all, these implementations just never worked. After being in the industry for years, I realized that salespeople needed something even better.

Even after my last company was sold, I couldn’t stop thinking about why were never able to make CRM “just work.” Then, after watching a movie on AI (artificial intelligence) called Her, I realized: instead of trying to fix a technology that was never designed to make salespeople effective (it was a tracking tool, after all), AI presented a huge opportunity to focus on solving the actual problem. And so, in 2014, Spiro was born.

At Spiro, our mission is to help companies close more deals, faster. We introduced a new approach, proactive relationship management, designed to work for the salespeople, not the other way around. And even though I’m the CEO, I still run the sales team, because I’ll always be a salesperson first.

So while becoming a salesperson is a bit of a (happy) accident, creating a career focused on sales was a choice. Sales has given me confidence and helped build long-lasting relationships, and with my latest company, the opportunity to create the technology I wish I had when I started out in sales.

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About the Author Adam Honig

Adam is the co-founder and CEO of Spiro Technologies. He is a natural sales leader with a mission to help salespeople make more money using artificial intelligence — or any sort of intelligence for that matter. Adam has been a founder of four companies which resulted in two triumphant IPOs and two legendary mergers. He is best known for speaking at various conferences including Dreamforce, for pioneering the ‘No Jerks’ hiring model, and for flying his drone while traveling the world.

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