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Can your CRM make you more popular? I bet if you asked most salespeople, the answer would be a resounding no (and you’d get a few weird looks too). Hear me out though.

Here are four ways that Spiro’s sales automation CRM enhanced my social life:

1. Staying in Contact

Like most people, I have a few friends that I message every now and then on Facebook thinking about how nice it would be to see them. But I never put any real effort into doing so. I figure I can just schedule something next week… or the next week… and so on.

But that has recently changed.

Since Spiro’s sales automation CRM constantly tells me the best times to call my prospects, knowing when to follow up with people has just become second nature. I know how long to wait to call again after a failed attempt to schedule plans with a high school acquaintance, and after getting a price objection from a potential buyer.

2. Increased Free Time

For the majority of my sales career, my family and friends would have classified me as a workaholic. My main focus was closing more deals. If that meant I had to spend two extra hours every day at work, that is what I did. With Spiro, I’m closing more deals in less time, giving me time to actually socialize.

Since using Spiro, I no longer have to waste hours of my week on administrative tasks. My day is now spent talking to people and selling, not plugging information into different fields in my CRM and trying to remember who I need to call that day. Spiro does all those boring things for me, so I can leave work at 5, have a social life, and crush my quota.

3. More Money

Now, this is probably the main way that Spiro enhanced my social life. With the increase in money I am making from the deals I am closing, I never have to turn down a social event because funds are running low.

It also definitely hasn’t hurt my popularity to be able to afford to buy my friends a round of drinks every now and then. People love free stuff, and if you are the source of that free stuff, they love you too.

4. Reduced Stress

I definitely have what some would call a Type-A personality. I like to be organized, and to know exactly where I stand with every opportunity in my pipeline. Before Spiro, I’d always be on edge making sure that I was fully prepared for every meeting and call that I had scheduled for the day.

This sales stress occasionally manifested itself in a less-than-pleasant attitude towards my friends and family. Since Spiro automatically logs my calls and notes, I have detailed information about my contacts and opportunities right in front of me, allowing me to easily prepare before every call. Now I am as cool as a cucumber, because I have nothing to stress out over (except maybe the outcome of tonight’s baseball game).

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