• February 18, 2020

Spiro Calls Sales Leaders to Join the AI Movement with Proactive Relationship Management

Boston (February 18, 2020) – Spiro released a new infographic created by a leading industry analyst group to explain why sales leaders should look at the emerging proactive relationship management product category. The infographic, Not Your Father’s CRM: An AI-Powered Platform for Proactive Insights can be downloaded here

“It’s the worst kept secret in sales that everyone hates CRM, from sales reps all the way to company leaders,” said Kari Hanson, vice president of marketing at Spiro, “It doesn’t make sense to invest a lot of money into a tool that no one will use in hopes of getting some visibility into your pipeline. That’s why we introduced proactive relationship management, so company leaders can start with full visibility to drive accurate forecasting while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams in order for the business to grow.”

Proactive relationship management doesn’t need to be “used.” It can create contacts based on who you’re emailing. It can update opportunities when a proposal is sent. Proactive relationship management guides salespeople to the right actions. Because the data is continuously being captured, the AI engine is able to spot patterns and provide recommendations on next best actions. More technically, proactive relationship management consolidates CRM capabilities, sales enablement, and analytics into a single platform. 

Download the infographic: Not Your Father’s CRM: An AI-Powered Platform for Proactive Insights

Media organizations are welcome to reprint it, in its entirety, provided proper credit is given.

About Spiro
Spiro is the first proactive relationship management platform. Natively built on artificial intelligence, Spiro provides a single solution encompassing traditional CRM, sales enablement and telephony. Spiro’s AI engine eliminates the need for data entry and proactively guides salespeople to the right actions at the right time. Customers report collecting 16 times more data, reaching 30% more prospects and closing 20% more deals after using Spiro. For more information, visit https://www.spiro.ai.

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Kari Hanson