Make it. Move it. Sell it. — Welcome Episode


Adam:  We’ve got to get excited for this, Kari.

Kari: Right, right, right.  I notice we’re apparently coordinated on pink 

Adam:  I know. I was out of purple. I don’t know. Hello, and welcome to Spiro. ai podcast, which we’re calling Make It, Move It, Sell It. You know, our goal is to have a lively conversation about what’s changing the game for companies in the supply chain. You know, and if you’re looking for a nap-inducing academic lecture, this is not the podcast for you.

We want to hear how real people are taking risks and winning. We’re going to be talking to company leaders about how they’re modernizing their business of making, moving, and selling products, which is, you know, probably one of the most important things that companies do in the economy today. And, you know, while we’re at it, we’re going to be trying to have fun with it, as well.

I’m Adam Hoenig. I’m the CEO and founder of a company called We focus exclusively on companies and the supply chain. I’m talking to companies all over the country about what’s going on for them. And today, I’m joined by our VP of Marketing, Kari Hanson. And we wanted to give you a little bit of insight about this new podcast that we’re creating.

Kari: Yeah, and I don’t know if you can tell, but we’re really excited about this podcast because it fills a void that we hear about all the time. And so we’re going to be talking to real people and real companies who are doing some really interesting things all related to the supply chain. And it’s not going to be one of those boring Harvard Business Journal discussions because we want to actually get some real advice that we can leverage.

Adam:  And also, we’re not going to be talking to people at Fortune 500 companies who might not do things the same way that your business does. We’re going to be talking to companies like the leading maker of spray foam. You know, our companies who manufacture the tips that go on torches for welding and all kinds of great stuff like that.

And, you know, I’ve been having all these conversations and it’s been so enlightening to me. And that’s why we started this podcast, to take these conversations to the next level and make sure that other people are able to get the value out of that conversation.

Kari: Adam, what kind of topics do you think you’ll be talking about on this podcast?

Adam:  Well, we’re going to be talking about everything, Kari. But some of the stuff that I know that we’re going to be talking about, includes artificial intelligence, how two companies take advantage of that. Like, what about, warehousing and using electronics and A.I. to make that more efficient? What about increasing cash flow by increasing or decreasing the time it takes you to collect money. Everything from the challenges that we’re seeing in the supply chain today to tactics to help your team work better with customers.  That’s the kind of stuff we’re going to be covering.

Kari:  I think that’s great. I think these topics are going to resonate with a lot of the people who are going to be listening to this podcast. And I’m also personally really excited that when we look at our guest list, there is a strong representation from female business leaders who aren’t going to be talking about being a woman in this supply chain, but will actually be talking about doing some really cool things.  I think it’s going to be unique to see that level of representation. And of course, they’re all talking about the retiring workforce and the increased competition. I think that’s really something you’ll be hearing more about on the podcast.

Adam: Oh, absolutely. We’re going to be talking shop with people who are facing intense competition in their business to people who might make something so unique that they really don’t have competition. But I guarantee that you’re going to learn something from every one of the episodes that you can bring into your business and make it more effective.

So, you know, Kari, what else should we be telling people about this podcast?

Kari:  Well, I think the important thing is if you’re interested, and hopefully you’ll be tuning in, you can go to to find all of our episodes, and we’ll give transcriptions for those of you who would prefer to read it. You can subscribe across any of your platforms right there too. 

Adam: Excellent. And if you want to email me or Kari, feel free to do that. If you know somebody who should be on the show, please let us know. I’m  and this is That’s that’s a lot of ‘i’s’ we got going on there, Kari.

Kari: I know.  We really need to fix that. We’re looking forward to everyone joining us, though.

Adam: Yeah, please do.