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Spiro Helps DPA Auctions Accelerate Growth

Spiro Helps DPA Auctions Accelerate Growth

DPA Auctions is an online international auction company that sells farm and construction equipment, trucks, trailers, and much more.

What does the sales team at a family run business that’s quickly growing and ever-evolving with the times need to succeed in today’s market? An innovative product they can trust. That is what Spiro’s proactive sales management platform is to them.

Our Customer’s Pain Points

When DPA Auctions was founded in 1972, it was an on-site auction company that sold farm equipment. As the times changed, and commerce became e-commerce, DPA Auctions evolved into the successful online auction site it is today. They have recently been experiencing quick growth and need more efficiencies and systems in place for sustainability. The sales platform that they were using couldn’t keep up with managing all of these new accounts and helping them to grow even more.

Prior to Spiro, DPA Auctions was using a sales tool that basically provided a glorified version of excel. They couldn’t track activities or properly report on any of their sales metrics. Brandon Peterson, the director of business development, was determined to continue growing the company, and knew he needed to arm his salespeople with the best tools to get the results he wanted.

Spiro’s Solution

After evaluating Zoho, Sugar, and Salesforce, DPA Auction selected Spiro as their proactive relationship management platform for three main reasons:

1. Intelligent Sales Reporting
Spiro’s built-in reports show companies all their most important KPIs in a easy to read, simple to understand, way. Not only do the reports provide sales managers with insights into what deals their reps are working on, and allow them to accurately forecast, but Spiro’s reports also lets the reps see how many calls, emails, and activities they are completing.

2. Proactive Recommendations
The artificial intelligence that is baked into Spiro provides sales reps with a proactive recommendation of what to do next. By culling through your contacts and taking into account the prioritization of opportunities, Spiro will suggest who to call to ensure all your deals are moving forward, and nothing falls through the cracks. This feature was a clear benefit for DPA Auctions, as it allows them to grow quickly and confidently.

3. Spiro VoIP Capabilities
The ability to call and text prospects from directly within Spiro was another main draw for DPA Auctions. With one-click dialing, call recording and forwarding, the sales team is able streamline their communication, and reach more prospects each and every day.

The Results

Since using Spiro, Brandon has seen a huge improvement in efficiency. The sales team is now able to easily move through their calls and sales tasks at a much quicker rate. Spiro’s interface is intuitive in such a way that makes finding information simple, and completing tasks even simpler. As Brandon said, “To grow, you have to be efficient. Spiro brings that efficiency to our sales team, allowing us not only to grow, but growing along with us.”

DPA Auctions has also been benefiting from Spiro’s intelligent sales reports. Other solutions out there offered over-complicated reports that didn’t focus on what Brandon wanted to see. There were certain metrics that were important to him, and Spiro reports provide detail into what matters. Now Brandon is able to easily see the number of calls his reps are making in addition to more advanced reporting that highlights stalled deals and exposes areas he should focus on. Brandon said, “The reports show me exactly what I care about to help grow our business. They are not only saving us time, but helping us to make more money.”

Brandon has been especially impressed with the customer service Spiro provides to DPA Auctions. As a family run business, finding a company you can trust and having a real live person to call, goes a long way. Brandon said, “The customer service side of what Spiro does is fantastic.” Spiro’s customer success manager is there to help show DPA Auctions how to get the most out of Spiro, with customizations and adaptations that work for them.

In closing, we asked Brandon how he would describe Spiro to another company looking for a sales solution. He said, “Spiro is a one-stop shop sales platform that can handle all your needs. It’s modern and keeps up with times. If you want to grow and find a solution that can grow along with you, Spiro is right for you!”