Spiro Provides Visibility, Automation, and Process for Sales Teams

Spiro Provides Visibility, Automation, and Process for Sales Teams

For over 20 years, one company has been the creator of the longest-lasting, most aesthetically superior synthetic thatch roofs in the world.

We recently spoke with a Spiro customer who is the director of marketing at a roof manufacturer about their search for a sales solution and how they are using Spiro. We’re going to dive into why they chose Spiro, and how it impacted their sales and processes.

Our Customer’s Pain Points

The company was using NetSuite for 6 years as both their ERP and CRM, but the sales team wasn’t getting what they needed from the system. The company saw NetSuite CRM as an archaic, hard to use, and cumbersome system, that the sales team struggled to use due to its lack of flexibility and modern features. The CRM provided virtually zero visibility to the sales leaders, and the sales team was completely in the dark regarding insights into their prospects and opportunities.

Additionally, the lack of data visualization meant the team had to manually pull reports from different databases and then create KPI spreadsheets, which ate up a significant amount of their time

The Migration to Proactive Relationship Management

The company wanted to provide their sales team with the right sales platform that would improve their effectiveness. The sales team needed the ability to consolidate all the various data on their prospects and opportunities, and their sales leaders needed visibility into the pipeline. It was also important for the platform to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite ERP.

There were three key takeaways for the company after implementing Spiro:

1. Moving away from manual data entry to a truly proactive platform

They were looking for more than a sales automation tool – they were ready to modernize their sales process. Both company leaders and the sales team felt aligned with migrating away from an archaic CRM to a modern, proactive relationship management platform. As a result, their sales team has become more efficient and effective, spending less time on data entry and more time closing business.

2. Gaining real time visibility into the pipeline

Spiro provided visibility into their sales pipeline that had been lacking. They can now create a wide variety of reports and forecasts that allow them to break down pipelines by date, rep, and campaign. One thing that they find particularly helpful is the ability to see the first and last touch (plus every step in-between) with each contact, so that reps and managers know exactly what is going on with each of their leads and customers. Spiro has also increased the accountability of reps by allowing managers to track activities by each sales rep.

3. Unparalleled customer support and expertise

Prior to choosing Spiro, the company wanted to ensure that it was the right fit. They needed the project to feel empowering for the sales team in order to ensure adoption. Throughout the process, they were able to leverage the Spiro team’s extensive knowledge of sales processes to help them take full advantage of a proactive relationship management platform. And Spiro’s customer success team was instrumental in setting up the NetSuite ERP integration.

The Results

Since implementing Spiro, the company’s sales team has reported major time savings by automating their data collection and reporting needs. The team is now using a platform that is extremely intuitive and flexible, allowing them to edit fields and make changes quickly – something that was nearly impossible for them before Spiro.

Additionally, the company is leveraging the native integration with NetSuite’s ERP, which is used to process the company’s orders and invoices. They can now generate proposals and estimates for customers right from Spiro. That information is then automatically passed to NetSuite ERP, where a customer account is created and the order is sent. The activity in NetSuite ERP is then automatically sent back to Spiro, ensuring centralized visibility on all account activities.

Spiro has quickly delivered a measurable ROI, saving the company from needing to hire an in-house CRM administrator to support a complicated system. As the customer summarized, “We’ve saved time, money, and a lot of frustration by adopting Spiro.”