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Spiro Simplifies Sales for Nucleus Research

Spiro Simplifies Sales for Nucleus Research

Recently, we had the pleasure to catch up with one of our Spiro customers, Matt Guthrie, the Head of Sales at Nucleus Research.

We wanted to hear more about how Nucleus, a technology research company, had put their own advice to use, and implemented Spiro as their sales solution. Specifically, what made them choose Spiro over all the other solutions out there? And was our product exceeding their expectations?

Our Customer’s Pain Points

As a company who analyzes technology, Nucleus is always looking for the best new tech solutions available. They needed a solution that would work for them. Their main concerns were finding a solution that would minimize data entry, have a flexible and condensed platform, and could perform with speed.

The Solution

They initially selected Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform for two main reasons:

1. Elimination of Data Entry

Spiro uses artificial intelligence to help alleviate the pains of data entry. Spiro scans through your email and calendar to know who you are selling to and then automatically adds and updates opportunities in your pipeline. Spiro also guides you through the process of recording what happened on calls and meetings. You never need to use the keyboard, again.

2. Platform Performance

Being a technology research company, Nucleus knows, and appreciates, a well performing platform. Spiro’s easy-to-use proactive relationship management platform spans multiple devices and integrates with many services. Customer data, recommendations and reminders are automatically synchronized on all platforms. This was a key differentiator, putting Spiro ahead of other solutions on the market.

The Results

One benefit that Nucleus Research is seeing since switching to Spiro, is having a system that tracks emails, so everyone can have better visibility of what contact has been happening between customers and reps. Matt Guthrie, Head of Sales at Nucleus, said that Spiro has given them a “simplified way to provide complete visibility”. With just a click or two, managers can see what their reps have been working on, and therefore better manage the team with ease.

The speed at which Spiro’s platform performs was a key component in why they chose our proactive relationship management platform. As a leader in technology research, they keep current with the value and ROI from products available to the enterprise user. Nucleus said Spiro seemed like the “best fit for a mid-range solution with the ability to scale”.

Data entry, and the time wasted on it, was one major pain point for Matt and his sales team at Nucleus. Now with Spiro, reps have more time to focus on selling. Matt said his sales people are enjoying the easy call logging and automatic updates that Spiro provides. They utilize the personal sales assistant, which by simply emailing assistant@spiro.ai, they can have records easily created, reminders set, and reports run.

An additional benefit that Matt and his team at Nucleus Research is enjoying with Spiro, is our self-driven ROI metrics. Spiro provides built-in personal and team dashboards that help keep sales reps and managers on top of all their most important KPIs. They are able now to quickly see what’s open, what activities have been recently generated, and can get an in-depth forecasting report with just one click of a button.

If your company is deciding on the correct sales solution for you, take a technology research company’s advice, and go with Spiro.