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Best Practices for Using Spiro During Uncertain Times

Best Practices for Using Spiro During Uncertain Times

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is being felt around the world, and its effects are reverberating through the economy. We’re in uncharted territory right now, and while virtually everyone is doing what they can to help contain the spread of the virus, we also need to keep an eye on our businesses.

Turmoil can have a detrimental effect on businesses, and the current disruptions are being complicated by the unexpected shift to remote work for many. Fortunately, many technologies are rising to the occasion to help teams stay connected and empowered. Proactive relationship management is ideal because it delivers unprecedented visibility across your organization to help reach goals that may feel more out of reach than ever before.

Like many, the Spiro team shifted to 100% remote with no notice. Below are best practices we want to share about how we’re using the Spiro platform during these uncertain times to address five critical challenges.

Challenge 1: How do you shift to a 100% remote team without losing productivity?

Sales leaders must manage a 100% remote team, spanning field and inside sales reps, as well as BDR teams. This challenge is made bigger by the unprecedented reality that many employees likely also have children and spouses at home competing for attention.

Spiro can ensure teams are staying focused and being productive by offering some of the most detailed activity reports in the industry, including the number of accounts touched, number of connected calls, number of reminders completed, among others. These reports keep the salesperson’s attention on the most important tasks while offering sales leaders better insights into what’s happening.

We recommend that sales leaders add additional reports to their dashboard to keep an eye on rep activity each day. It’s too easy to become distracted, and this additional layer of insight helps leaders understand which reps may need more help. 

Challenge 2: How can your sales team do more with less?

You may be seeing your new leads drying up, or perhaps you already had to let some of your sales team go. You may also be realizing you need to do more prospecting to close the same amount of business. The reality now is that companies need to help their sales team be even more efficient and effective than ever before.

Spiro was designed to help sales reps reach up to 30% more prospects daily, with the Spiro Assistant providing a daily to-do list that automatically prioritizes their activities. And thanks to our VOiP capabilities, a rep can instantly call or text anyone and Spiro will automatically capture notes and next steps.

One report that has become especially useful shows us call connection rates. Like many of us, your customers are likely also working remote right now. Spiro can show you the best times to call them, and suggest using text or email if connections aren’t happening. Our team has actually seen an increase in call connections by using mobile numbers during specific work hours.

Challenge 3: In an age of diminished opportunity, how can you ensure sales reps are being more active on high-priority opportunities?

Right now, it’s important to keep your sales reps focused on the high priority deals. Spiro goes beyond activity reports, showing a rep’s calls to a prospect and measures that prospect’s engagement. The platform can also show the number of touch points per opportunity to help you keep your team focused on spending the most time on the most important deals, which may not necessarily be the largest deals (that typically come with longer sales cycles). This level of detail also helps ensure that reps are reaching out to multiple stakeholders at each opportunity.

Challenge 4: As the pipeline slows, how do I better engage with my customers to drive additional business from them?

A company’s survival right now is tied to keeping existing customers happy and engaged. Additionally, while new customers may take longer to close, if you have a base of happy customers, you may be able to drive additional revenue from them.

By integrating with ERP systems, Spiro provides visibility into a customer’s order history and future pipeline. With this full context, Spiro helps spot changes in buying patterns, or potential business disruptions, and can alert the sales team to follow up to understand if it’s temporary or if something bigger is going on. Your team can also get insights into the upgrades and services that similar types of customers are using, and importantly, identify customers who may benefit from the same offerings.

Challenge 5: With so much turmoil and change going on in the market, how do I know where to best change course?

Every day, something is changing in the market, which in turn is impacting lead flow, sales cycle times, and pushing deals that may have been committed further out. Most company leaders know they have to change strategy to react to these changes, but it’s very difficult to know what to change, and when.

Because Spiro’s platform automatically collects so much data in real-time, leaders can leverage the platform’s analytical capabilities to gain full visibility, allowing them to understand what is really happening. In a world of big data, being able to spot sales trends is more than half the battle, which enables leaders to make incredibly informed decisions based on real-time data that impact the pipeline and forecast.

The visibility delivered by Spiro can also help preserve marketing budgets. For example, you may realize that while the incoming leads are slowing down, a certain campaign is still delivering highly qualified leads that move into the pipeline quickly. This insight helps marketing leaders understand where to cut and where to hold the course.

Focus on Visibility and Accountability to Manage Bumpy Times

Keep in mind that the fundamentals of what made your team successful in the office will hold true while working remotely during the economic downturn. Hold your team accountable to the same level of activity as in the office, and leverage the automation available across the Spiro platform to make them successful.

At the same time, recognize that goals will need to change, and what worked even one month  ago may not work now. Spiro provides necessary real-time visibility into any business disruptions or sales cycle changes so you and your team can collaborate on new approaches.

Finally, the Spiro team is here to help. There are several reports and dashboards that can be easily customized for your specific situation to ensure you have the right insights at your fingertips.


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