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At Spiro, we’re all about helping salespeople close more deals so they can make more money. Our AI-Powered sales automation CRM works with salespeople’s CRM data, email and calendar to always be recommending the next, best step to advance opportunities.

To assess how these recommendations were helping salespeople make more money, we asked Nucleus Research, a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research, to analyze their sales performance before and after using Spiro.

Spiro Helps Close More Deals

Here’s what Rebecca Wettemann, VP, Research wrote:
“In analyzing the sales activity data of a subset of those users, Nucleus found both an increased number of deals closed and an increase in deal size, on average, when comparing individual sales activity from the year before deploying Spiro and the first six months of use.”

Although there are a number of variables, obviously, that impact sales performance on a month-to-month basis, even by conservative estimates Spiro users increased their own personal sales performance in both average number of deals closed and average deal size.

That’s right, Spiro, helps salespeople increase their win rate and deal size.

Spiro “Personalities” Creates Engagement

According to Wettemann, a big challenge for any “sales coaching or gamification application is in actually getting sales people to use it.” To solve this problem, she highlights Spiro’s “unique approach by personifying the sales assistant.”

Wettemann continues:
“Spiro has taken the principle of automating suggested activities to a much more appealing level by enabling users to choose one of a number of personas to deliver both the coaching and the virtual reward – with a sense of humor. Rather than just an application that tells a user whom to call and when, users get a surfer dude, Jewish grandmother, r-rated guy, heartthrob, or other character of their choosing to deliver the instructions. Actions are rewarded with a similar person-specific retort and delivery of content drawn from a number of preselected sources as a reward.”

Humor is a key component of our approach, and from all the tweets and LinkedIn posts that our users have created of our app, we can tell they are enjoying it!

Download the full Nucleus Research report, Spiro Increases Sales.

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