It’s what you’ve been waiting for all year, and it’s finally here! We have unveiled Spiro’s whole new look!

For the last two years, we have been working on enhancements and features to help salespeople close more deals. These fixes and additions to the functionality of the product have helped our customers reach more prospects and get organized. However, we haven’t lost sight of what’s important to our end users… and that is the look and feel of Spiro.  Over the past few months, we have invested in giving Spiro a whole new appearance, while not compromising performance and taking away the features people use and love.

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out an updated platform that is cleaner, leaner, and easier to use than ever before.

Here is a sneak peek at Spiro 3.0!

(BTW, if you aren’t currently a Spiro user, schedule a demo to see how our Proactive Relationship Management platform can radically improve the way salespeople work.)

Color Coded Sections

Each section in Spiro now has its own color. For example, you will notice the Opportunities are blue and the Contacts are aqua. The colors help break up the screen and allow the eye to quickly differentiate Companies from Opps, etc. As you start to see colors associated with types of records, your brain’s muscle memory will kick in and you’ll quickly know that blue means it must be an opportunity.

Better Use of Screen Space

Real estate on a computer or iPhone screen is at a premium. To show more of what matters to our users, we removed all the unnecessary text and images, providing you with more of the information you need to close more deals.  You will see these improvements to the layout all throughout Spiro version 3.0. For example, filters are now easier to manage and collapsible so they take up less space on your page.

Intuitive Interface

Our customers always give us positive feedback on how user friendly Spiro is. But why stop there, when there is always room for improvement. In Spiro 3.0, the user interface is even more intuitive than ever!

Let’s take a look at the Assistant view. We have improved the calling cards by replacing the nondescript, dated buttons with ones that, frankly, just make sense. You can also now easily make calls and send text messages right from the menu bar.


Mobile Version 3.0

We couldn’t update the web version of Spiro without giving mobile a facelift as well.

Check out Spiro’s new mobile look, which has full CRM functionality for our users on the go.

What else is new with Spiro 3.0?

New Pipeline View

Spiro uses a smart algorithm to automatically weigh deals and assigned them a priority, which is how they are organized in the Priority View.  We haven’t made changes to that popular report, but, we’ve added an additional view. There is now something called the “Pipeline View”, which sorts your opportunities by sales stage. And for companies that have multiple pipelines, the Pipeline View can support those as well. You can access this in two ways: either from your homepage, or using the drop-down on the menu bar on the Opportunities screen.

Role Based Changes for Managers

Reminder Changes

A Spiro user with Manager privileges now has the ability to view and filter reminders by anyone on their team. This helps a manager gain complete visibility into what their sales reps are working on.

Campaign Changes

Managers are now also able to create and assign call and email campaigns for anyone that reports to them.

We’d Love Your Feedback

Many of the great features and enhancements we have made in recent releases have come from Spiro customers like you suggesting great ideas. Let us know what you’d like to see in Spiro and we’ll work hard to get it into the next release. Email me directly at

Register for Our Webinar

Please join us on Tuesday, November 27th at 12 PM EST as we host a webinar to show you all of the latest features of Spiro 3.0! Register now!

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About the Author Andy Levi

Andy Levi is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Spiro Technologies. Andy is a technologist with a background in sales and was originally from Venezuela although many people can’t place his accent. He focused on CRM technologies for the past 20 years and built mission critical applications used by over 100,000 sales people.


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