CRM Capabilities

Spiro’s platform works in the background to automatically collect data from email, voice, and text to track and optimize engagement throughout the sales cycle.

Intelligent lead creation

Spiro automatically creates contacts, companies, and opportunities from conversations over email.

New Deal Alert Creating New Contacts and Opportunities
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Enrich account details

New accounts are supplemented with data like LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers, and company addresses.

Spiro mobile app CRM capabilities, contact record
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Minimize admin activities

The Spiro Assistant provides account insights, updates opportunities, sets reminders, and more.

Interacting with the Spiro Assistant

Spiro assistant email, requesting deal update
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Gain complete visibility

The platform syncs every conversation and activity, including emails, voice calls, text messages, notes, and meetings.

Navigating Spiro’s activities timeline

Spiro platform timeline, show visibility of sales activities
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Reduce user friction

Automated call logging ensures that crucial details and next steps are easily captured in the moment.

Spiro mobile app call logging next steps
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Strengthen account relationships

Spiro’s sales platform integrates with your business systems to provide full visibility into account health.

Integrating your ERP system

Spiro desktop application view customer support tickets

CRM capabilities that optimize selling

Sales Team

A sales platform that doesn’t have to be “used,” letting teams focus on selling.

Sales Leader

A sales platform that provides unrivaled visibility into the entire pipeline.

Spiro Provides Visibility, Automation, and Process for Sales Teams

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You might be wondering:

No, but we include the same CRM capabilities in our platform without the shortfalls that come with CRM. Spiro consolidates CRM capabilities, sales enablement, and analytics into a single sales platform.

Spiro automatically creates contacts and leads from your email, searches to find their phone numbers and social information, and generates activity history.

Absolutely. Spiro integrates with virtually all business systems, including email, marketing automation and ERP, just to name a few.

Learn about Spiro Smart Connections.

Whether on the web or the mobile app, Spiro’s VoIP capabilities allow one-click dialing. Features also include call forwarding, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, and the ability to send and receive text messages.

Yes. Customers can manage multiple sales pipelines in Spiro. Users can also view pipelines in a variety of ways, including by priority (based on AI analysis), sales stage, and in a list view.

Yes, customers can customize user access to Spiro, allowing for various levels of visibility, editing, and input capabilities.

“With actionable business intelligence from Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform, we extract meaningful insights that position us to change the trajectory of rising costs for our clients from day one.”

– Rob Gelb | CEO, Vālenz