Help Your Team Be More Productive

The Spiro Assistant organizes your team members, giving proactive recommendations for next best steps to increase sales productivity, update a customer on an order delay, or follow up on changes in buying behavior.

Focus team activities

The Spiro Assistant provides users with a prioritized daily to-do list of AI and user-generated tasks that maximize output.

Alert of stalled quotes that Spiro has identified
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Ensure active engagement

Spiro provides proactive follow-up reminders based on activity, or a lack thereof, to ensure that no deal slips through the cracks.

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Increase team productivity

Built-in VoIP calling and AI-generated call lists allow teams to reach more prospects, and automated call logging increases team efficiency.

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Minimize admin activities

Email the Spiro Assistant to update opportunities, set reminders, and share notes quickly to the rest of the team.

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Quick insights wherever you go

Email the Spiro Assistant for updates on a deal, whether you’re at the office or on the road.

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Record and summarize meetings

Spiro’s Notetaker will record and transcribe Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings so they’re captured in the activity timeline.

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