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If the saying “the customer is always right” is true, does that make us salespeople always wrong? Now, I’m no gambling man, but I don’t like those odds.

If you’ve ever dealt with any of these 7 customer types — hopefully using our amazing AI-Powered sales automation CRM, Spiro — then you will agree that the customer isn’t always right, and sometimes they are just dead wrong.

1. Preconceived Notion Dude

Don’t you love those sales calls when the customer starts finishing your sentence, but they actually don’t know what the heck you are about to say? Sometimes you get a client on the phone and they have a misguided idea of what your product does, or the service you are trying to sell. Be patient. Let them cut you off, and then find a polite way to sell them on what you really do.

2. One Upping Your Sales Game Guy

One type of person I can’t stand is the “one-upper”. The guy at the party who always has a story to top everyone else’s. Sometimes you encounter a customer who used to be in sales and they interject their sales knowledge on you every chance they can get. Listen, buddy – I’m not impressed at your previous sales career, because if you were any good at it, you’d still be in the game.

3. Absurd Requester

I like to get the budget talk out on the table right away. It clears the air and then nobody is wondering if all this talk is pointless because the money just isn’t there to spend. Some clients don’t like this style though, so we wait, beat around the bush, and talk about budget later. That’s fine, except for when that customer then asks for something absurd – like 90% off the list price! No, in this case, the customer isn’t right – don’t let the prospect dodge your money questions in the beginning and then think a very deep discount is in the cards.

4. Energy Sucking Leech

When your client’s demands are a complete time and energy suck on everyone involved with the deal, you may be questioning if it’s even worth it. Just remember, this assertive customer may be wrong. Push back on their ridiculous demands to meet with your sales engineer, legal expert, finance department, and senior leadership. Lay down in detail how many meetings are reasonable for the size of the deal. Don’t come across like a jerk, but be protective of your co-workers’ time as well.  The customer isn’t always right about how much face time they need.

5. The Customer is Always Right Customer

We can all agree – no one wants to buy from an asshole. And on the flip side, no salesperson likes selling to one either. Having the “nah, nah, poo, poo, I’m always right” mentality makes your prospect sound like a total ass. Try to remember that society has banged it into your customer’s head that they are always right, so take find ways to turn the conversation into a positive one and point out the things you are doing correctly.

6. Online Shopper

In the online world of today, consumers have access to virtually any information they want. When someone is looking to buy a product, they typically take the time to do their research and read reviews before you even speak to them. Once you get some of these customers on the phone, they have already decided to “just buy online”, as they don’t see the benefits of a salesperson. But the internet can cause all sorts of misunderstandings when it comes to pricing, product information, and what is right for the client. As a sales rep, we need our customers, but they still also need us.

7. The Buyer Who Doesn’t Buy

Most sales reps rely on their commission checks to help pay the bills. Which is why I think the customer who is most wrong is the one who, in the end, doesn’t buy. The majority of your time as a salesperson is spent talking to prospects who you won’t actually convert into a sale. Don’t be one of those customers who drags the rep through a 12+ month sales cycle and then decides not to buy. If you don’t end up buying, the salesperson worked for free, and that’s just dead wrong.

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