Automated CRM Capabilities Eliminate Headaches

Spiro’s AI Engine works in the background to automatically collect data from email, voice, and text to track and optimize engagement throughout the sales cycle.

Intelligent record creation

The Spiro Assistant automatically creates contacts, companies, and opportunities from conversations over email.

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Enriched company + contact details

Company records are supplemented with data like LinkedIn profiles, phone numbers, and addresses.

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Consolidated customer touchpoints

Spiro captures every interaction with a prospect or customer, including emails, calls and texts, notes, and meetings.

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Capture details in the moment

Automated call logging ensures that crucial details and next steps are easily captured – in the moment.

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Call transcriptions

Whether it’s for coaching or reviewing details, dive deep into conversations with Spiro’s call transcriptions.

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Simplified pipeline management

Spiro’s pipeline views allow for efficient deal management, including the ability to drag-and-drop deals across sales stages.

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Improved account relationships

Spiro integrates with your business systems and then proactively recommends actions to improve customer engagement.

Stalled order alert Smart Assistant Rule

Spiro Provides Visibility, Automation, and Process for Sales Teams

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