Meet Spiro’s Leadership

Spiro’s executive team has a deep understanding of sales processes and a strong vision for how AI can help businesses across the supply chain accelerate growth.

Adam Honig, CEO

Adam is passionate about helping companies make more money using artificial intelligence, and is the driving force behind Spiro’s modern CRM delivering value to manufacturers and distributors. As CEO, he is focused on the company’s overall strategy and vision.

Previously, Adam co-founded a software company which he led through its successful IPO and sale. Afterwards, he founded Innoveer, one of the largest CRM consulting firms, which was successfully acquired by Cloud Sherpas (and then Accenture).


Justin Kao, COO

Justin is responsible for Spiro’s day-to-day operations, ensuring the Spiro team has the right resources for the company to succeed. He also spearhead’s the customer success team, where he has helped hundreds of companies modernize their sales and operational processes through Spiro’s Full-Service Setup.

Justin is a sought after evangelist, having spoken around the world on proactive relationship management. Previously, he held CRM consultant roles at Innoveer, Cloud Sherpas and Mavens.

Bonnie, Chief Cuddle Officer

Bonnie has been perfecting her cuddling skills since her puppy days. She’s not a big talker but leads by example, spreading love to all who walk by, especially if they happen to have watermelon – her favorite treat.

Bonnie loves a good couch, both laying on them or being underneath them. When she’s not supporting the fight to kill CRM, she’s probably at home relaxing on her couch.

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