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Why We Hate CRM

We have a confession to make—we hate CRM. Adam, Spiro's founder, will tell you why he hates CRM and how Spiro is changing the game for manufacturers.

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ERP vs. CRM: Why Your ERP Shouldn’t Be Your CRM

Understanding the differences between ERP and CRM is vital to implementing the best tech stack for your business.

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AI-Generated Customer Summaries Help Manufacturers and Distributors Manage Relationships

Manufacturers and distributors rely on healthy customer communications to run a sustainable business. The best customer relationships require a salesperson or account manager…

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4 Ways Spiro’s AI Engine Helps the Supply Chain

Manufacturers are under more pressure to do more with less because of supply chain issues, increased customer demand, and in many cases, a retiring workforce. AI can help.

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How AI Helps New Sales Reps Fill the Void from the Retiring Workforce

Early retirement by tenured salespeople is leading to the loss of critical customer information for the supply chain, but introducing AI into current business processes can help overcome this crisis.