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You know what I hate? Being ignored.

I’m not talking about being ignored by a completely unknown prospect that I’ve cold called once. But I’m talking about when a hot prospect ghosts you.

I’m sure this has happened to all salespeople. You have some good contact with a prospect, things are moving along according to plan, and then POOF, you never hear from them again. It’s this disappearing act that really bugs me. (And it happens even if you’re using an amazing AI-Powered CRM like Spiro.)

It has driven me so nuts in the past, that I’ve convinced myself of some absurd lies as to why a prospect has ghosted me.

Here are 8 of the all-time most ridiculous things I’ve told to myself about why a prospect stops responding:

1. That last email must be stuck in my outbox

I’m guessing they just didn’t get the amazing email I crafted that was sure to get a response. If they received it, surely they would have replied. I should probably keep compulsively checking and refreshing my outbox to make sure everything went out.

2. Or maybe the email is stuck in their spam filter

If it’s not me, it must be them… My outbox appears to be working properly, so I’ll just assume that my prospect’s spam filter is working in overdrive and not letting my emails in. That has to be what is happening. Maybe I should contact their IT department to ask?

3. They are probably on maternity leave and just forgot to tell me

Clearly we were close friends, and I would have assumed that if this prospect had a big life event coming up that may affect this deal – like having a baby and being out for months – I would know. But maybe, just maybe, I didn’t get the memo and her lack of response means she’s just not in the office for the next 8 weeks… I think I’ll send a baby gift to her just in case.

4. He must have changed jobs

Although LinkedIn says otherwise, maybe my prospect left his job and moved on to a new company. Even though I’m not getting a bounce-back from his work email telling me otherwise, I’m guessing he must have changed jobs. I can’t see any other reason for his sudden lack of response to my outreach.

5. They can’t remember their voicemail password

I’ve left about 9 voicemail messages, and none of them are getting returned. The only logical answer here is that my prospect can’t recall their password to retrieve their voicemails, so they aren’t getting my messages. Maybe I should call again?

6. My pitch was probably too good

Thinking about it some more, I’m guessing the price was too good, the benefits too wonderful, and my pitch too perfect. This prospect must have thought, “hmm, this deal sounds just too good to be true, so I’ll go with someone else”.

7. I may have crossed the line

I didn’t swear, or send them a text at 5AM, but maybe my polished and buttoned-up email crossed a line I’m not aware of. Should I brush up on what’s acceptable and tolerated in 2017? Are we only snapchatting now? Is being professional the new unprofessional? OMG! Maybe I should just send them a few emojis and see what happens.

8. They want me to play hard to get

I think I’m trying too hard. This prospect must love the thrill of the chase, and wants me to act like I don’t care so they can flip the script and come after me! Yes, that is the answer. I should just sit back, do nothing, and let the deals come to me. (Said no good salesperson ever!)

What to Do

Instead of sitting around telling yourself ridiculously lies about why your prospect isn’t responding, try to figure out the real reason they are ghosting you and put an end to it. Read this: 4 Reasons Why Your Prospects are Ghosting You & How to Stop it and then pick up the phone, and get them to answer!

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