• December 9, 2021

10 Great Gifts for the Salesperson in Your Life

10 Great Gifts for the Salesperson in Your Life

The holiday season is upon us and unless you’ve been procrastinating on buying gifts (of course you haven’t), you’ve probably got a closet full of goodies waiting for friends and family. But if you’ve got a salesperson in your life, whether a spouse, relative, child, or friend, then you might be wondering what you can buy that they’ll truly appreciate. Salespeople, after all, have a unique profession that can leave gift-givers guessing about what they can buy to put a smile on their favorite salesperson’s face.

We wanted to help make the decision a bit easier, so we’ve put together a list (approved by our own sales team) of things salespeople would appreciate seeing under the tree. Some of these things are practical, some of them are necessary, but nearly all of them will put a smile on the face of any seller.

Here are ten great gifts for the salesperson in your life:

1. A smart coffee mug

If there’s one thing most salespeople love (need?), it’s coffee. And what better way to show them you’re thinking about them than with a temperature-controlled coffee mug like this one. Trust us, they’ll love it.

2. A (large) box full of snacks 

Sometimes, salespeople can get so busy that they’ll forget to eat. Help them stay satiated with a large box full of snacks. Preferably, they’ll be the healthy kind, but no one is going to say no to a box of chips and candy either.

3. Stress relief balls 

In sales there is never a shortage of stress, which is why stress relief balls like these can make a great gift. If there’s one gift that will get plenty of use, it’s this one.

4. The Sales Survival Handbook

There are sales books, and then there’s this sales book. Fun, cheeky, and irreverent, it’s the perfect gift for a salesperson with a sense of humor… but probably not right for someone looking for a more serious read.

5. A standing desk 

Sitting all day can be a drag and isn’t great for your health (or your back). A standing desk like this one would make a perfect gift, and the recipient will be forever grateful.

6. A nice webcam for (the never-ending) video calls 

These days, salespeople spend an inordinate amount of time on video calls. What better way to improve the experience than with a nice webcam designed to make them look better. This one is a solid choice.

7. Food delivery service gift card 

It can sometimes be difficult to find time to make food when you’re constantly chasing prospects, so an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card will always be welcomed. Don’t be shy about going with a high dollar amount either — it’ll get used.

8. AirPods 

If you’re not afraid to spend a few bucks, the iPhone-using salesperson in your life will absolutely appreciate a set of AirPods for those marathon sales calls. It’s pricey, but they’re a great gift.

9. Cold-brew coffee maker 

Some people are hot coffee lovers, but some prefer the icy chill of cold-brew coffee year-round. For those in the latter group, buying a cold-brew maker like this one makes for a great gift. No more mid-morning trips to Starbucks.

 10. An AirBnB gift card 

Salespeople are overworked and notoriously don’t take much time off. But when they do they want to unwind. With this in mind, an AirBnB gift card can make for the perfect gift. Who knows, they might even bring you along.

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