• January 2, 2020

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Salespeople for 2020

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Salespeople for 2020

Another year has gone by and we’re entering a new decade; hopefully one filled with qualified prospects who are ready to sign right away. Now is also a great time to follow up with those dodgy prospects who told you to call them back “next year.”

And with every new year come new year’s resolutions, a logical way to break up your goals by calendar year and hold yourself accountable against last year’s promises.

For 2020, we’ve come up with a list of resolutions that salespeople everywhere might want to consider. We hope these will help you achieve what every salesperson strives for: exceed your sales goals while enjoying a high quality of life.

1. Use available resources

Salespeople tend to be independent-minded, but it’s important to remember that you are not an island. Most companies provide resources that can help you become better at your job, starting – of course – with your sales manager. This year, use all available resources instead of trying to tough it out on your own.

2. Take better care of your health

When you feel better, you have more energy, are more positive, and have more stamina, all of which can help you close deals. In 2020, make it a priority to eat better, get more sleep, and go to the gym. It takes effort, but it will pay huge dividends.

3. Stop procrastinating

Scrolling through social media or joking around with coworkers is time not spent achieving your goals (unless your goal is to waste time). You don’t have to work non-stop every single day, but if you limit procrastinating, and instead use that time wisely, you’ll see the things you always wanted suddenly begin to materialize.

4. Listen more

No matter how great of a salesperson you are, it always helps to listen more. Especially in today’s fast paced, attention-lacking world, those who take the time to listen to prospects will set themselves apart from the competition. Write “listen” on a post-it note, and stick it next to your phone for your next call.

5. Help coworkers (especially newbies)

Want to feel better when you’re at work? Then help a coworker who’s struggling, or even one who isn’t. Not only will you be doing a good deed, but you might also learn something about yourself.

6. Do something outside the box

Most sales jobs are prescriptive: come to work, call your leads, follow the process, go home. But there’s no doubt that going outside of those rules (if it’s legal, ethical, and won’t get you fired) can give you an advantage. There’s almost certainly a lead source no one’s thought of before, or a partnership you can develop with someone who can send you new business. Think outside the box this year, and you might just break new ground.

7. Make one more call

Before you go home for the day, make one more call. Sales trainer Jeb Blount preaches this bit of advice, and it can be a great new year’s resolution. Not only does one more call add to the number of contacts you make, therefore increasing the potential for another closed deal, but it also gives you the advantage of reaching out when others have already gone home for the day.

8. Use technology to close more deals

Like we said earlier, you are not an island. This applies to technology as well. There are literally thousands of companies building products for salespeople; software that’s designed to make your life easier, and to turn you into a more effective version of yourself. Spiro’s Proactive Relationship Management platform does just that, so in the coming year, take full advantage.

9. Focus on earning referral business

Referral leads are head and shoulders above any other lead source. Despite this, many companies don’t have a process for earning referrals, and instead leave it up to chance. There’s little you can do that’ll give you a higher ROI than a well designed referral program. If you plan on making 2020 the year you take your business to the next level, look here.

10. Spend more time with loved ones

Work is important: it gives us a sense of purpose, a feeling of achievement, and usually a nice paycheck. But by itself, it’s never enough. This year, make time for your families, loved ones, and yourself. If you try your hardest while you’re working, then you shouldn’t feel like you’re missing anything when you’re not in the office. Shut the phone off and recharge with those you care about, it’ll make you into a better salesperson.

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