• July 12, 2018

10 Things All Salespeople Should Do This Summer To Succeed

10 Things All Salespeople Should Do This Summer To Succeed

Summer is here, and while many people will spend their days relaxing by the pool, millions of salespeople will be on the phone, the computer, or in a business meeting somewhere. If you happen to be one of those salespeople, don’t get discouraged. Summer can be a great time to get things done and move your sales career forward, so that when the leaves begin to change you’ll be a step ahead of everybody else.

Here are ten things all salespeople should do this summer to succeed:

1. Make one more call

I don’t mean to sound like your sales manager, but longer daylight hours mean it still feels a bit early even when it’s late. Make one extra call even when you think you’re done for the day and these calls will start to add up. And, your prospect won’t think you’re calling too late because it’ll still be light out.

2. Write down your goals

A goal without a plan is just a dream, so spend some time writing down what you want to accomplish and, more importantly, how you intend to accomplish it. Break down bigger goals into smaller, more attainable ones, and work backwards from there.

3. Take some sales training courses

You might already be a great salesperson, but even the most skeptical among us can always take something valuable away from sales training. Even if it helps you close one more deal a year, it’s probably still worth it.

4. Listen more

The best salespeople are excellent listeners, and even though the rest of us know that, very few of us are able to develop superior listening skills. If you want to close more deals, take the summertime to focus on becoming the best listener you’ve ever met.

5. Network

This is another area where many salespeople fall short. Networking events might seem insufferable, but a resourceful salesperson can walk away from any event with some valuable contacts and knows how to build on the relationship.

6. Clean up dead opportunities

Knowing what isn’t the right opportunity is just as important as knowing what is, so take some time this summer to clean up all of the junk in your CRM and in your mind. Stop wasting time with deals that won’t close and put your energies into ones that will.

7. Use some new technology

There are tons of new technologies being developed for salespeople, like Spiro’s sales automation CRM. Even if you don’t tend to like trying new tech, give something new a shot this summer. In many cases, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

8. Take some time off

Working long hours can be a requirement in some sales jobs, but you need to give yourself some time off regularly as well. Taking a vacation allows you to recharge your batteries and come back to work well-rested and motivated.

9. Switch sales jobs*

Sales has a lot of turnover, and you definitely shouldn’t keep switching jobs arbitrarily. But if you think you’ve hit your ceiling or you’re not being supported, then look to make a change. The economy is doing well, and there are lots of great sales job opportunities out there.

10. Close deals on the beach

Well, it IS summer, so why not take a few days and work remotely? You have a phone and a laptop, right? Just make sure you ask your sales manager for permission (or forgiveness).