• February 28, 2019

11 Awesome Things Spiro Can Do That Your Old CRM Can’t

11 Awesome Things Spiro Can Do That Your Old CRM Can’t

There are lots of doom and gloom scenarios floating around about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to leave many people jobless. Unfortunately, this could very well be true a few decades from now. However, it’s also likely that AI will simply be a compliment to a lot of existing professions. In sales, this is already true with Spiro, as our Proactive Relationship Management platform can do things that not only sets it apart from your old CRM, but also allows it to actually help you close more deals.

Here are eleven awesome things that Spiro can do that your old CRM can’t:

1. Proactively suggests who to call

Spiro uses artificial intelligence to help identify which prospect you should call next that will have the best likelihood of ending up as a closed deal. This is in addition to your standard reminders. Your old CRM definitely doesn’t do this.

2. Collect 8 times more data than your current CRM

Spiro updates itself automatically while you and your team sells, automatically collecting key sales insights, thereby giving you better data and more accurate reports. You don’t need to sit around with spreadsheets, your email, and a pen and paper. Spiro tracks everything you need to know and can present it back to you the right way.

3. Connect with over 1,000 other apps

You can use Spiro with over a thousand other applications. From lead sources to email providers to much, much more –  Spiro can be plugged into your current sales process effortlessly.

4. Let you use it without even having to log in

One of the great things about Spiro, especially as it compares to traditional CRMs, is that you don’t even need to log in to use it. Not only does Spiro track everything you need it to as you go about your activities, but you can also communicate with Spiro via your email, allowing you to add contacts, set reminders, and run reports, without ever logging in!

5. Allow you to create BETTER reports

Sometimes, what didn’t happen is as important for you to keep track of as what did. Spiro can create reports showing the absence of activities. For example, if you have a list of your contacts and you want to run a report on who you haven’t contacted yet, you can’t do that in many CRMs. But in Spiro, you can run a report that’ll show you what you or your sales team might have missed. This helps ensure that none of you or your sales team’s hard work goes to waste.

6. Use it on the go

Spiro is available on the web, iPhone and Android, and works excellently on all of them. Unlike other CRMs that consider their mobile or web versions an afterthought, Spiro works great on all its versions and has a totally native experience whether you’re on your laptop or mobile device. This means you’re not tied to a big screen and can do everything you need to while you’re on the go.

7. Guarantee user adoption

According to Forrester Research, 47% of sales platform adoptions fail. This costs time, money, and leads to a lot of frustration and little results. Spiro offers a 100% adoption guarantee, or your money back. This ensures that your team will see the benefits of using Spiro as compared to your outdated (or non-existent) CRM.

8. Create custom entities

You can customize Spiro almost any way you want. Spiro allows you to create custom objects so you can add a section for invoicing, customers tickets, or whatever else is important to running your business effectively. This is a big difference from other sales platforms, and definitely better than a pad and paper.

9. Give you great insight into what your sales reps are doing

If you’re in charge of a sales team, you know that understanding everything that’s happening can give you the information you need to make your team great. Spiro gives you the most intelligent sales reporting possible, with over a dozen pre-built reports and the ability to build custom reports from your data, allowing you to view what’s happening in any way you’d like. Spiro also offers weekly summary emails so you can get updates on key metrics, one-click forecasting, and pipeline reporting on every stage of the sales pipeline.

10. Give you a phone number for free (and Voice Over IP)

Spiro Voice allows you to make and receive calls and texts from your dedicated Spiro Voice number on the web and mobile app (iOS) as part of your subscription. And the best part is that all of your activity will be automatically be logged in Spiro. So just do what you normally do throughout the day, and Spiro’s Proactive Relationship Management platform will fade into the background.

11. Make you more money

At the end of the day, all of the features in Spiro are designed to help you and your team make more money. A sales platform shouldn’t be something that takes up your time and feels like chore. Instead, it should serve as a tool that benefits you without you having to spend time entering data and trying to figure things out. Spiro works for you, not the other way around.