• June 11, 2018

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Sales Emails and Stop Overloading your Buyer

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Sales Emails and Stop Overloading your Buyer

Put up your hand: do you like receiving unsolicited sales emails? How about ones with repetitive, automatic replies? How about ones that don’t mention anything about your business – or you?

Well, we all get them. And they are not great. Here’s the one that set me off recently, after going to the SiriusDecisions Summit:

My least favorite sales emails are formulas like this:

“Hi X, I know we’ve never been in touch before but I’ve got a great offer for you!”
No personalization or any research on our business, but hey, no worries.

“Hey did see you this?”
Yes, yes I did.

“Hey did you see this again?!”

“By the way, check out our Sales/Marketing/ABM platform!”

Sales should and has to be better than this. In today’s B2B marketplace, there are too many vendors (keep that crazy 9,000 company graphic in mind) and way too much noise. So if you want to have any chance of differentiating, you often need to put the hustle aside and focus on personalization and developing relationships.

Here are 3 strategies to try instead:

1. Use insights to personalize

The most basic part of modern, effective email is even one line or one point of personalization. If you’re not personalizing at all, you’re not getting anywhere.

Think about what you can say to initiate a genuine relationship. It might be mentioning a tweet they’ve made or a piece of news on their company. Just keep in mind that you can’t keep talking about your own products and company forever – and that there are better approaches. In my experience, when you use insights to personalize you’ll see a 3-4 times higher response rate.

2. Get an introduction

If someone the person knows can vouch for you, your job becomes much easier. To make finding people that you know in common easier, use LinkedIn or Nudge.ai for relationship discovery. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overuse the same person for introductions. Change it up, and also say thank you every time someone helps you.

3. Keep in touch

Contact your prospects on a regular basis and provide value at every interaction. It sounds simple but it takes intention and the right tools. Consider using intelligent reminders on accounts as a complementary means to email automation. That way, you won’t fall behind on keeping in touch with the right people, once you’ve established initial contact. You can also use an AI-Powered sales automation CRM, like Spiro, to remind you who to follow up with, and when.

Bottom line:
If your “hustle” is getting in the way of effectiveness, it’s better to try a different strategy. I hope we can all stop overloading our buyers!