• February 6, 2017

383 Deals Closed in 6 Months; How Did Heidi Brown Do That?

383 Deals Closed in 6 Months; How Did Heidi Brown Do That?

If you had 383 deals closed in the first half of the year, what would your life be like?

Would you be driving your Maybach to work? Would you take the 2nd half of the year off?

You might find it hard to believe, but Heidi Brown closed 383 deals between January 1st and June 30th of this year. That’s over two deals a day — including the weekends and holidays.

That’s what we call a legendary closer. But besides using Spiro, her AI-Powered CRM, what are her secrets of success?

Let’s meet Heidi Brown

Heidi is an Account Executive at AFR Furnishing, a furniture and event rental provider. She has been with this company for over 8 years and is currently working the Washington, D.C. territory.

As you can imagine, with all the political events in the DC market, Heidi is super busy. And although a client may be based in DC, she is responsible for the event no matter it’s location, so in actuality her territory can be quite far reaching.

And it’s not all political debates she handles – her focus is about 70% corporate client events and 30% social functions. She estimates that 30% of customers are new within a cyclical year, which forces her to not only stay on top of existing relationships, but be able to form new ones as well. She tries to get innovative in looking for new markets and opportunities, since she is responsible for prospecting most of her new leads.

If you want a boring conference room transformed into an Island Oasis, Heidi is the one for you. She can make your vision a reality, and has the track record to prove it!

Accomplishments to Brag About

Not only did Heidi have 383 deals closed in just the first 6 months of 2016, but her close rate  is also impressive. 80% of her opportunities are closed deals!

Her day is not just filled with closing a massive amount of deals, but she also has to come up with interesting concepts for specific design needs, attend walk throughs, and present at design meetings. I need a nap just thinking about how busy she is.

Working with some high powered clients, such as the DNC, the RNC, TMZ (just kidding!),Marriott International and even The White House, means Heidi needs to stay focused and on top of her game.

How She Does It

The event world is very fast paced and demanding. To keep up with the needs of her clients, Heidi has become ultra organized.

She starts her day by taking the first hour to be at her desk and organize her calendar. This is also her time to get her catalogs and binders ready for demos. She is then on the road and going non-stop all day. She has found that no one wants to take a meeting after 4, so that is a good time to get back to her desk and organize for a few more hours. Heidi normally packs it in and calls it quits for the day around 6:30.

Not only is she regimented in her daily schedule, but she also sets aside one day a week as her “office day.” On Tuesdays she is in the office all day, beginning with meeting with the operations team to go through what’s happening for that week . This office day provides her with a chance to prospect, read and network.

She differentiates herself by providing superior customer service. After the deal is sold, she assures satisfaction by monitoring the delivery of their rented furniture and sometimes even personally attends the event.  Heidi has a good grasp on the customer service side to differentiate from just being another rental company.

Spiro to the Rescue

As many salespeople do, Heidi spends a ton of time on the road. What she needs in her life is an assistant to help do all that extraneous admin work. If you are trying to churn out quotes for clients within an hour, make your calls, get to appointments on time, and also keep detailed notes on your activities, something’s got to give.

Spiro’s CRM comes with a built-in personal sales assistant that helps organize your sales life so you can focus on selling. Its predictive technology notifies you of who you need to be connecting with, allowing you to stay in the zone on closing deals and not worry about who you should be calling next. And with a few taps and swipes, Spiro does all the data entry for you!

Summing it Up

It boils down to this: If you can provide superior customer service, have great attention to detail, utilize tools to keep your organized, and have a personal sales assistant working with you, then you can exceed client expectations and close a ton of deals. Be your own Heidi Brown (That means 383 deals closed in the next 6 months- so get to work!)