• May 31, 2016

5 Major Fears All Successful Salespeople Must Overcome

5 Major Fears All Successful Salespeople Must Overcome

FDR famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. But I prefer to say “Fear is just another 4 letter word beginning with F, so get over it. “

In sales, facing your fears may be the key from going from an awesome salesperson to a legendary one.  (Of course another key might be using an AI-Powered sales automation CRM, like Spiro.)

Let’s dig into the 5 major fears all successful salespeople must overcome to see how we can face them and fix them.

1. The Fear of Getting a No

Have you ever walking into a sales meeting and already had it in your mind that the prospect was going to turn you down? Well then, I’m sure they did.

People can pick up on your half-hearted attitude, so change your body language to close more deals. Nobody wants to be turned down. Hell, that’s why a lot of guys just sit at a bar for hours without saying hello to the cute blonde next to them – the fear of rejection. But if you don’t believe in yourself that you MAY get a yes, then kiss that sale goodbye.

2. The Fear of Having to Say No Yourself

I once had a customer ask for a deep discount with such confidence that I had a hard time saying “No.”

The desire to have other people like you is something salespeople thrive on. We are people people. But you also need to get over the fear of being disliked and have the balls to say “no” to ridiculous requests from clients. Not everyone will like you, but nobody will like you if you’re lacking a backbone to stand up for yourself.

3. The Fear of Not Making Quota

Yes, this should be a real fear. In sales, if you don’t make your number quarter after quarter (or month after month), you are risking unemployment, my friend. The key is to not let this fear paralyze you into avoiding risks and not pushing for the big deals.

Instead, allow the quota hanging over your head drive you to get your competitive juices flowing. Harness this fear and kick your quota’s butt.  

4. The Fear of Losing Yourself

We have all come in contact with “that” sales rep – ruthless, douchebag, inflated ego – and all try to avoid becoming him. Becoming “that” guy and losing yourself is a real fear.

To overcome this, you need to be constantly aware of how you are talking to your clients –  begin by stop sounding like a salesperson.  And then find a tool, like Spiro, that acts as your personal sales assistant so you have more time to focus on you.

5. The Fear of Being Humiliated

My mother always used to tell me to laugh at myself before anyone else could. If you have a fear that you are going to be humiliated in your sales presentation, why not open up the pitch with a joke that pokes some fun at yourself.

Using humor shows that you are friendly, creative and intelligent – all positive characteristics I am sure your clients would like to see. Get over your insecurities that you are going to be the butt of the joke, by being the one who cracks it instead.