• August 2, 2018

6 Reasons Why Salespeople Live Longer

6 Reasons Why Salespeople Live Longer

People like to joke about the stress of working in sales and how it takes its toll on a person. This can definitely be true – there’s a lot of pressure put on salespeople from all sides. Demanding customers, pushy sales managers, and the ever-looming quota can make sales a tough profession for those who aren’t great at managing their stress.

But like everything else in life, sometimes it’s a matter of perspective. In fact, some would argue that despite the stress of sales, it is likely that salespeople live longer than the rest of the population. Here’s why:

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1. They’re fearless

In order to be a great salesperson, you need to become confident and somewhat fearless. That fearlessness can help you get over the fears of prospecting and pitching and can help you close deals. It can also help you learn to face life’s tougher obstacles, making salespeople live longer.

2. They drink a lot of coffee

Studies have shown that drinking coffee can actually extend a person’s lifespan. Since salespeople are notorious coffee drinkers, it’s only logical that they would benefit from their caffeine addictions. It’s also very likely that you just took a sip of coffee while reading this.

3. They can keep working

Since salespeople are always in demand, many salespeople can keep working for as long as they want if they so choose. People in general are working longer and longer before retirement, and sales allows people to keep making a living for almost as long as they want.

4. They have purpose

Purpose is one of the most important things that can extend a person’s life. Salespeople have a purpose (and if they every forget it, their great sales manager would be happy to remind them), and this can keep them going longer than those without it.

5. They’re optimistic

Optimism can keep people young, and there’s no one that’s required to be more optimistic than a salesperson. The number of rejections and obstacles that you deal with in sales is so high that you need to become an optimist, or a little bit crazy, to make it.

6. Because they need to make more calls

At the end of the day, there are leads that need to be called and products and services that need to be sold, so it’s really important that you stick around for a while longer and keep things going. After all, without salespeople, the economy would come to a complete standstill.