• May 3, 2018

8 Buying Questions Every Salesperson Needs to Know

Someone who was an actual mind reader would probably make the best salesperson on the planet. (Or just someone who uses Spiro to help them close deals.) Being successful in sales means identifying a need and solving it for someone. Which means the power to know what someone was thinking would be the ultimate competitive edge. Since there have been no scientific studies confirming clairvoyance, salespeople need to find out what a prospect is thinking the old-fashioned way: by asking questions and listening to the answers.

On the flip side, there are certain questions that prospects will ask you, the salesperson, that show that they’re interested or at least strongly considering buying. These are critical for salespeople to understand. These are the questions that will show you’re on the right track and getting closer to closing the deal.

Here are 8 buying questions that every salesperson needs to know:

1. “How quickly can you get this started / How quickly can you complete this?”

If a prospect is discussing timelines, they’re showing active consideration as it pertains to their schedule and needs. This is definitely a buying question. So make sure to offer a (realistic) timeframe that fits with what they’re looking for.

2. “What are the payment options / Do you offer financing?”

Questions about payment and financing terms are clear buying signals. This shows that the prospect is interested in what the price breaks out to once financed or in installment payments. A non-interested customer is unlikely to care much about price or payments aside from sheer curiosity.

3. “Would it be possible to speak with one of your other customers?”

A prospect asking for a reference is a great signal that they’re interested, because this question shows that they want to corroborate the experience of dealing with your company through a third party source. Always have someone available that you can use as a reference when needed, as this is something the majority of salespeople overlook.

4. “What is included as part of this product/service?”

While not as strong of a buying signal as some of the other questions, this question shows you’re on the right track towards progressing the deal. A prospect asking you for more of a comprehensive overview of what they can expect is definitely a good sign. This is a great opportunity for you to go over your value proposition in more detail.

5. “Is there any kind of warranty or guarantee on this product/service?”

A question about warranty or a guarantee shows that the prospect is already thinking ahead and putting themselves in the shoes of a buyer. By asking this, they want you to offer them some reassurance on what they can expect once they have completed the sale. Don’t overlook this question – it’s a great opportunity to set yourself apart as a trusted resource for your prospect.

6. “Have you ever worked with someone else in my area/situation/industry?”

There are only two types of people who will ever ask you this question: a very interested prospect or a competitor trying to figure out who you’re working with. If it’s the former, this is a great opportunity to show an example of someone in a similar situation who you were able to help. Always be prepared for this question.

7. “Are there any discounts or promotions available?”

Granted, tire-kickers may ask this question, but an interested prospect will ask it too. This is especially true if they’re a sophisticated buyer. This is the perfect time to use the compelling-event close and offer a discount or promotion that is set to expire shortly.

8. “What type of results can I expect?”

Someone who is uninterested in buying usually doesn’t care much about imaginary results. So use this question as an opportunity to paint a picture of how great things will be for the prospect if they move forward. Remember, they care the most about their results, and you need to as well. (For instance, if you use Spiro’s AI-Powered CRM, you will reach 47% more prospects, close 20% more deals, and increase your monthly sales by 30% – now those are results anyone can get behind.)