• November 20, 2018

8 Things All Salespeople Should Be Thankful For

8 Things All Salespeople Should Be Thankful For

The season for being thankful is upon us! Different people have different reasons for being thankful, but everyone can always find some room in their heart for if they try hard enough. Whether it’s being thankful for your family’s support, or for your office’s close proximity to both a Chipotle and a Five Guys, now is the time to be grateful. You might even be grateful for Spiro’s Proactive Relationship Management platform!)

Salespeople, in particular, have many reasons to give thanks. Even though it’s almost always a very difficult and stressful job, salespeople are lucky in a lot of ways. So stop refreshing your email inbox, don’t make eye contact with your sales manager, and think about these 8 things that all salespeople should be thankful for:

1. Caffeine

Let’s face it: without caffeine, the productivity of the world’s businesses would fall by at least 30% overnight. Salespeople especially should be thankful for caffeine; delicious iced coffees, turbo shots of espresso, energy drinks, chocolate covered coffee beans, and anything else that can give you a little boost throughout the day.

2. Hot leads

Sometimes the leads are weak. But sometimes they’re not. There’s almost nothing better in sales than getting a great lead that answers the phone or actually calls back and is interested in your product. This holiday season, let’s be thankful for hot leads that convert into deals.

3. Prospects who pay full price

Some prospects love to negotiate, sometimes just for the sake of negotiating. But when you get a prospect who has no concerns whatsoever about price and just wants to get things done, it can save a lot of time and effort and make the whole sales process significantly easier. Prospects who pay full price are a great reason for salespeople to thank their lucky stars.

4. Uncapped potential

One of the best, and most unique, things about working in sales is that your earning potential is nearly unlimited. If you want to make more money, you can close more deals. Unlike a salaried job, your outcome is usually determined by how hard (and how smart) you’re willing to work. And if you hit your ceiling at a particular company or industry, you can always move onto something new.

5. New sales technology

Gone are the days of using a rolodex and knocking on doors. Instead, we have replaced those old school sales tactics with LinkedIn and Gmail. New sales technology is changing the world of sales and making salespeople’s lives easier than ever before by eliminating redundant tasks, streamlining effectiveness, and giving sales reps a competitive advantage. Spiro’s Proactive Relationship Management platform does this by using artificial intelligence to turn salespeople into selling machines.

6. Millions of other available sales jobs

The great thing about being a salesperson is that you’ll probably never be out of a job. Every company has a salesforce, which means that there are always tons of available sales positions a stones throw away. So whether you want to go work in an adjacent company or switch industries, the opportunities are there for you.

7. The ability to spend time with friends and family

Not all salespeople have flexible schedules, but many do. Even though the hours can be demanding, sales offers the ability to provide for the people we care about, and makes us all that more appreciative when we do get some downtime to spend with loved ones and friends. And that’s what’s most important during the holiday season.

8. Sales blogs like this one

Twenty years ago, you had to subscribe to a sales magazine to get advice and sales tips at your fingertips. And even then you’d have to wait for the issue to be printed and arrive at your house. These days, you can have access to amazing sales blogs like this one for free, which provide you with informative, funny, and interesting content delivered regularly to your email inbox. So add your email address for more blogs like this one so that you can have even more to be thankful for next year.

From all of us at Spiro, to all of our US readers, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We’re grateful for readers like you! (And of course to our subscribers all around the world, we’re thankful you’re reading as well.)