• March 19, 2019

Everyday Moments That Help You Sell

Everyday Moments That Help You Sell

The best salespeople know to treat every moment of their day as a learning experience. Even the most monotonous tasks have something to teach you, you just need to remain tuned into the moment to figure out what that something could be.

Plus, after you use these everyday moments to hone in on your sales skills, you should use Spiro’s Proactive Relationship Management platform to ensure you’re closing as many deals as humanly possible.

Taking Public Transportation

There’s a lot to be learned from your commute, no matter how much you absolutely hate it. Not only does waiting for a broken-down subway train teach you patience, but being surrounded by so many people at once can be incredibly valuable. Watching people interact with each other can be a very educational exercise in body language, among other things.

If you put your phone down and observe people, you might find someone who has a need for your product! It might sound crazy to prospect on your way to work, but you never know where you might close a deal. Or, maybe even strike up a conversation with that guy reading a sales book you wanted to check out.

Cooking for Yourself

Cooking is a great life skill to have, but did you know it also doubles as a way to gain additional sales skills? In cooking, you learn so much about timing. With some ingredients, just a few extra seconds in the oven or pan could mean your food comes out completely overdone. Just like a potential deal, if you neglect that filet mignon too long, it can be completely ruined. Wait too long to follow up on a deal, and it’s gone.

Also, you learn the value of constantly monitoring something. Attention to detail is crucial in both sales and cooking. You need to pick up subtle cues on whether what you are doing is juuust right. Figuring out the way to interact with each individual customer is not unlike deciding how to season your food.

Reading the News

Keeping up to date with current events (no matter how depressing) can completely transform your sales game. Every salesperson has been in a situation where they’re in a meeting with someone who wants to talk about something that you have absolutely no clue about. To keep those experiences to a minimum, stay up to date.

Plus, the news can even include different cutting-edge research findings in psychology, economics, and sociology- all of which are extremely relevant to sales. Take these findings and use them to enhance your sales technique.


Building a romantic relationship can teach you a lot about building sales relationships. Dating is all about conversation, figuring out what the other person wants, and addressing important issues. Sound familiar? It’s because dating is a lot like sales.

Also, if it doesn’t work out, dating can teach you how to handle a loss. Do you sit there and sulk for weeks after a bad date? Maybe it’s time to get back out there, and close some more deals while you’re at it.


Ok, this is a bit of a gimme. But, shopping really is a great time to hone in on your sales skills. Sales is all about knowing the value of your product, so when you’re out and about looking for a new pair of shoes, figure out why you choose a certain pair. What is giving it value? Then, translate this to your own product.

Also, you can see how other people make decisions in different circumstances. Often, the clientele varies from store-to-store. Try to figure out if people are more price or quality sensitive in each store you go to.