• December 3, 2018

Spiro Garners 2 Prestigious CRM Software Awards

Spiro Garners 2 Prestigious CRM Software Awards

FinancesOnline, a leading directory for business solutions, has recently distinguished Spiro with two major awards: the 2018 Great User Experience and 2018 Rising Star.

The 2018 Great User Experience was given after FinancesOnline’s business experts tested all of Spiro’s features and its overall design. Their experts were highly impressed with the software’s ease-of-use, accessibility, and clutter-free interface for managing one’s contacts. With Spiro’s AI-Powered capabilities, sales teams can focus on effortlessly closing deals.

The FinancesOnline reviewers also commended Spiro’s natural language processing technology to qualify leads. Moreover, they praised its capability to automatically create profiles, extracting all essential customer information so sales teams no longer need to burden themselves with manual data entry. This way they can remain worry-free from having deals fall through the cracks.

Meanwhile, the Rising Star award for 2018 was given after FinancesOnline analyzed Spiro’s customers’ perception of the brand. Using their Customer Satisfaction Algorithm to gather the opinions of users across the internet, FinancesOnline discovered that Spiro’s clients believe that our Proactive Relationship Management platform is a reliable tool for increasing sales team effectiveness. To be exact, Spiro was recognized in FinancesOnline’s list of sales solutions and garnered a highly positive 99% user satisfaction rating.

We are truly honored to receive these prestigious awards from a platform that is trusted for its analytical reviews and insightful articles, from basics such as learning what a sales platform is, and practical applications to in-depth market trends. More importantly, these distinctions affirm that Spiro continues to to be an effective AI-Powered solution in helping sales teams reach more prospects and grow their monthly sales.

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