• April 1, 2019

The 15 Best Sales Pranks for April Fools’ Day

Everybody knows that salespeople are a fun bunch. Sales is a profession filled with colorful personalities and loaded with fun stories. Since April Fools’ Day is upon us, we figured we’d compile a list of some great sales office pranks. So we asked the Sales Humor audience for their best prank stories. The following are the fifteen best that salespeople from all over the country submitted. They’ve been edited for clarity and grammar and names have been withheld to protect the guilty.

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“We have fake plants throughout our showroom. We once had a new sales associate watering them for two weeks.”


“We put a note on the printer saying it was voice activated. A guy with a heavy Boston accent was screaming at the printer trying to get it to work.”


“I used to steal pens and then mail a ransom note with a picture of the pen with my demands. If the demands were not met I would mail parts of the pen with new letters days apart. We all know how salespeople are about their pens.”


“Our store manager broke his laptop screen and a sales floor desktop monitor in the same week. I saved an image of a broken monitor- all cracks and pixels and lines and set it as the screen saver on the replacement monitor on the sales floor. Then I had him toss me a ball, which I pretended to drop and let crash into the monitor. Deadpan, I swiveled the monitor to face him. He went ghost white, ‘I’m not calling to get this replaced…'”


I worked in an insurance agency, and we partnered with a financial advisor, and he had office space in our building. One day, he was coming in to do some appointments he had. Before he came in, I took that yellow “Police Line Do Not Cross” tape and put it across his phone, computer and office door. He came in and stopped at his office door, looked at it, and came into my office to ask what was going on. I said, “Man, the FBI was here and asking all kinds of questions first thing this morning about you and some ‘transactions’ you had done. They said they’d be back later to talk to you.” His eyes got huge and as he was about to call his boss, I bursted out laughing. Best prank ever.”


“I listed my coworker’s Cadillac for sale on Craigslist for an absurdly cheap price. Had his phone listed and his phone would not stop ringing all day. He had to leave work he was so upset.”


“We made it so my boss (who hates Nicholas Cage) could only see pics of Nicholas Cage on his computer. When he went to any website all the images showed random Nicholas Cage pictures.”


I hooked my wireless mouse to a coworker’s terminal & watched her panic as she thought she was being hacked.”


“My favorite prank was the time I put my coworker’s stapler in jello and then waited for him to open his desk and find it. I also did the same thing to my boss’s favorite coffee mug.”


“Emptied every three hole punch in the dealership into a co-worker’s umbrella and then waited for the next rain. He was showered with thousands of dots, in the showroom, in front of his customers.”


“I posted an ad for free chickens on Craigslist and put one of our guy’s phone numbers on it. He got 100+ calls over a 3 day period.”


“Our Finance Manager went on vacation. The night before he came back we emptied his top drawer, lined it with a plastic bag, filled it with water and added gold fish!”


“Ctrl + Alt + Down, this flips the orientation of the monitor upside down. I did this to my sales manager’s computer. She “fixed” it by turning the whole thing upside down.”


“We told a new guy with zero experience in RV sales that we needed the mileage off a used trailer we were selling. The poor kid was out there for 20+ minutes looking all over the axles for the odometer we told him was there.”


“I put a piece of tape on my boss’s mouse, and as retaliation he called one my prospects that I had a 7 figure deal going with and was close to closing. He told them to send me an email telling me the deal was off. The prospect then sent an email stating that the sale had been delayed with no eta on when it would be back on the table. They watched me pace and freak out for almost an hour before the prospect sent me a follow up that said “don’t mess with the best” and happy April Fools’ Day. To this day it was the worst prank ever pulled!”