• September 15, 2016

The 25 Best Sales Memes of All Time

Everyone knows that sales is a stressful job. Salespeople overcome stress by exercising, partying, and, most importantly, joking around. If you’ve ever spent any significant time on a sales floor then you know that it’s one of the funniest places in the workplace. There’s no doubt that humor is a huge part of sales life.

This is why Spiro is such a great tool for salespeople. It’s an AI-powered sales automation CRM that not only helps you make more money, but incorporates humor into the sales process through funny sales assistant personalities you can pick from. At Spiro, we think humor is important in sales.

And so, here are the 25 best sales memes of all time!

1. You’re incredibly excited when you start a new sales job

When you are excited for a new sales job

2. And you’re likely to feel a bit overwhelmed

overwhelmed about sales goals

3. But you’ll quickly get into the swing of things

what salespeople do all day

4. Of course you’ll make mistakes sometimes

making mistakes in sales

5. And you’ll quickly learn that sales is all about performance

sales is about performance

6. And that some things are better left unsaid

left unsaid

7. You’ll probably spend a lot of time at the coffee shop

caffeine and sales

8. And you’ll learn what it’s like to go through a sales slump

sales slump

9. You’ll find out how crazy the end of the month or quarter can be

salesperson ad the end of the month

10. You’ll have a lot of ups and downs, but not much in between

ups and downs but no in between

11. The hours can be long

long hours

12. Really, really long

Really long hours

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13. The paychecks aren’t always as big as you’re expecting them to be


14. And sometimes management can make your life more difficult

management making things hard for salespeople

15. You’ll have to push through some obstacles when prospecting

obstacles when prospecting

16. And learn how to overcome objections

learn how to overcome objections

17. You’ll work with some true sales veterans

true sales veterans

18. And lots of people who are new to the business

new people in the business

Credit to Donny Thompson

19. There are challenges that can be avoided

some challenges can be avoided

20. Customers will definitely try your patience

hard customers

21. And they won’t always tell you the truth

customers lying

22. But don’t let the stress get to you

avoid stress

23. And try to have a little fun

have fun

24. Because once you hit your stride

hiting goals and keep closing deals

25. You’ll realize just how exciting and rewarding working in sales can be

excitment and rewarding(credit to Josh Perry)

(credit to Josh Perry)

I hope these best sales memes have helped to make your day at work just a little easier!

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