• February 17, 2018

Tools That Actually Help Sales Reps Sell

Tools That Actually Help Sales Reps Sell

Are you wondering how you can sell more?

Spiro’s Co-founder and CEO, Adam Honig, was recently interviewed by Andy Paul on this very topic. In this episode of Andy’s podcast Accelerate,¬†Adam discusses tools that will actually help sales reps sell more.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

During the interview, Adam talks about one of the biggest challenge facing sales reps today. And that is trying to stay focused on productive tasks, while being bombarded with other activities demanding their attention.

But, there is a solution to this problem! Andy and Adam discuss how technology can help organize the influx of sales activities and help guide a rep to focus on what’s most important to drive sales.

In this interview you’ll hear how tools, like Spiro, can allow sales reps to focus on selling, while their CRM does everything else that is required of them. Spiro helps by proactively reminding salespeople what to do, captures the data for them, and keeping them moving along throughout their day.

How does Spiro do this? It uses artificial intelligence to understand sales reps’ data and purposefully limits distracting data to encourage focus. A focused sales rep can sell more. It’s that simple.

Listen to the full interview, or check out our AI-Powered CRM to learn how Spiro can help you focus on selling and close more deals.