• May 21, 2019

4 Reasons a Healthcare Consulting Company Loves Spiro

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Recently, I spoke with a Boston-based healthcare consulting company about how they simplified their sales reps’ lives.

What was their life like before Spiro? The biggest issue with their previous sales solution was it was hard to use, so some of the reps didn’t bother. And the company’s contact database was housed in Excel, so they couldn’t log activities or update opportunities within their CRM. And no one on the team saw value in dedicating time to data entry.

Now, the consulting company’s entire team is using Spiro, taking advantage of all of its features and have streamlined their sales process as a result. Here’s why they love Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform:

1. Ease of Use

The team needed a new sales solution that was easy use. CRM requires reps to spend hours on data entry, which is a huge waste of time. Now, Spiro works in the background, collecting data, logging the sales reps’ calls and setting reminders for them – all automatically. According to the team lead, “Spiro was amazingly easy to use. And since it eliminated the tedious chore of data entry, our entire team was excited to use it.”
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2. Visibility

The healthcare consulting company loved the unparalleled visibility that Spiro delivered. By using the insights provided by Spiro, “reps could evaluate their pipeline in order to target specific, at-risk deals when necessary.” Enabling reps to focus on the right opportunities at the right time allowed the consultancy to close more deals.

3. Customizability

The company often needed to add custom fields and change settings, which is easy with Spiro. “We needed a sales platform that fit own unique needs, not one that forced us to change to use technology,” they told us.

4. Strong Support

It’s great to hear this consultancy feels the Spiro customer service is truly unique. The team leader said, “I know I can call my Customer Success Manager and get the help I need. Everyone is extremely responsive to our needs, and is clearly interested in our ongoing success.”

With Spiro, the consultancy found a sales solution that their team didn’t have to “use” to quickly see value. Gone were the days of tedious data entry and spreadsheets. Instead, Spiro automated their sales process, allowing the company to focus on selling and, importantly, closing new business.
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