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At Spiro we’ve always been big Instagram fans. We even wrote our app to include amusing and motivating Instagram photos for the pleasure of our users.

So it’s with great excitement that we are announcing Spiro on Instagram!

Not only are we working hard to deliver to you the best sales app to help you close more deals, but we also think laughing while you work is important. And funny Instagram pictures are a great place to get a chuckle.

If you are someone who thinks humor doesn’t have a place in the office, let me prove you wrong. We’ve all heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”, but you may wonder how does that actually work… Well, when you laugh, you release endorphins, which are our body’s feel good chemicals. So one laugh and you’re immediately in a better mood.

A good belly roar relieves physical tension and decreases stress hormones – leaving you feeling more relaxed afterwards.  In addition to reducing stress, strengthening your immune system, and boosting your energy, laughter also just helps you enjoy life. Who shouldn’t close big deals AND have fun.


But not only is humor important in reducing our stress levels, it is also great when you are just having a bad day. Have a deal that’s going nowhere and you need to kill it? Get hung up on again? Tired of updating your CRM or sitting in on endless meetings? Maybe what you need to help with the intense situation is a funny Instagram picture of a cat doing aerobics. Or something to make you feel like someone else knows what you are going through. 


Well, the Spiro app and the Spiro Instagram feed are finally here!

Download Spiro, have more fun, let out some stress, and close some big deals! Oh, and follow Spiro on Instagram, too!

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About the Author Taice Perrotti

Taice is Spiro's VP of Business Development. When she's not working to promote the benefits of Spiro's AI-Powered CRM and how it can help change the way sales people work, she's enjoying walks with her dog and trying new Boston restaurants.

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