Gift Buying Guide for the Salesperson in Your Life

Gift buying guide for salespeople

We recently surveyed a bunch of top salespeople to see what was on their holiday wish list this year. The majority of the answers are what you would expect, although things Santa can’t help deliver: receiving a huge bonus, getting more solid leads, and making their year-end goal.

But some of you wanted more tangible things, that have nothing to do with sales. One guy wanted a nerf gun, and another sales guy is hoping for “Demi Lovato under the tree with a red bow on her head”. Hope you have been extra nice this year, Mister!

So that got me to thinking. What should I really get for the reps on my team, or my cousin in sales? Well, here you have it – the top 10 things you can buy for that special salesperson in your life:

1. A Box Set of Sales Movies

Anyone in sales should have already seen most of the classics, but if they aren’t able to spontaneously quote lines from all the famous sales scenes, then this is the gift for them. Order them a movie box set that includes some of the greats; Tommy Boy, Boiler Room, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Pursuit of Happyness, and of course, Glengarry Glenn Ross.

2. A Stand-up Comedy Course

The foundation of each sale is built on a connection between the salesperson and the client. Using humor is one of the most effective ways a sales rep can get the client to open up and see the real human being behind the sales guy, and not a sales robot. Get the salesperson in your life enrolled in a comedy course so they can start to learn how to make their clients laugh. And then hopefully your sales friend will be laughing all the way to the bank.

3. A Case of Red Bull

Caffeine is good for the brain. A recent study in Japan showed that as little as 200mg of caffeine a day can help boost memory. So not only will chugging a Red Bull help the salesperson in your life become smarter, but it may also provide them with that extra jolt they need to close their next big deal.

4. A Yoga Retreat

Most salespeople I’ve recently talked to said they just want some time off this holiday season. So why not give them a vacation that can also help their sales cranium get a recharge? A yoga retreat is the answer! Yoga – and the state of mindfulness that it brings with it – helps reinvigorate the brain. This is important for salespeople that are always go, go, going. Give them the gift of namaste.

5. A Pokemon Go Gift Card

Salespeople can use Pokemon Go to lure leads to them. For a small cost they can create what is known as a lure near them, or near their shop / place of business. This essentially attracts Pokémon, who then attracts customers that play Pokemon (which is virtually everyone). So if your salesperson is selling in a store or an auto dealership, then this is the gift for them.

6. A Gym Membership

Confidence is key in sales. If the salesperson on your holiday shopping list is constantly dealing with rejection (as most salespeople do), then their confidence may be down by the end of the year. One cure for this is exercise. Give them the gift of a gym membership so they can get those endorphins up, boost their confidence, and re-energize their sales life.

7. A Spotify Subscription

Music is a great gift for people in sales. Listening to a song you like helps you read other people in a more positive way, makes you more motivated, and can actually increase your creativity. So buy your sales buddy a Spotify subscription and then make them a playlist of their favorite tunes, that is sure to pump them up before their next sales call. One of the best parts – this gift is straight from the heart!

8. A Great Referral

Have you actually worked in a professional manner with this salesperson? Then give them the gift that keeps on giving – a great testimonial highlighting why they are the guy to buy from. Nobody commits to buying anything these days without first looking for some online reviews. Help drive customers to your sales friend by gifting to them a wonderful referral of their strengths and awesome product they are selling.

9. A Sharp New Suit

Appearance is a big part of the sales game. If a salesperson walks into a conference room self-assured, wearing an expensive looking suit, and has a firm handshake, then people are going to listen and believe in what they have to say. Acting and looking powerful will actually make you feel powerful. So give your sales rep friend a bit of swagger in their sales step with the gift of a brand new suit, and success will surely come their way.

10. A Personal Sales Assistant

I’m sure, like all salespeople, your sales friend wants to increase their productivity, close more deals, and make more money. Well, then the gift for them is Spiro. Give the sales professionals in your life a personal sales assistant with a built-in CRM to help them manage all their opportunities, alert them which ones to work on next, eliminate data entry, and make them more money. Refer them to Spiro or buy them an annual subscription. Believe me, they will thank you!

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  1. re: “Set of Sales Movies”…why is it that sales managers must constantly extol the virtues of Alec Baldwin’s “closing” speech in “Glengarry Glen Ross”? As I mentioned to a sales colleague recently, this movie is more about the fear and paranoia and melt downs of the sales staff–especially Jack Lemmon–than it is about sales “skills” or “closing”. Too many in sales management continue to cite this movie but have they ever watched it closely for the toll that it takes on the psyche and soul of the sales person from being continually harangued, verbally abused and psychologically demolished? Here’s a short video clip from this movie which to a certain extent illustrates the effects of this behavior:
    I spent several years as a sales trainer on behalf of 2 OEMs. In many training sessions I would ask any managers from GSM to SM to closers to excuse themselves for 5 minutes or so. My message to the sales staff only is that they have to support each other and have each other’s back because no one else did–including any management. You have to keep yourself going and moving ahead and help keep your colleagues going to. You have to maintain your integrity and help your colleagues maintain their own by being supportive because there is a sharp dividing line between the the those on sales floor and those in the sales office. Check out the video. There is perhaps more truth in it than in Alec Baldwin’s “Closer Speech”–unless you show his version that was on “SNL”.

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