Salespeople tend to focus on customers and prospects that they LIKE. Well, duh, it seems only natural that you would invest the most time with people that give you fuzzy feelings – but is putting your heart before your head hurting your bottom line?

We did a study at a large manufacturing company and found that less than 5 percent of their sales reps put together a model of how to optimize their earnings. That’s a lot of people who aren’t coming up with a big picture game plan.

When we plotted out a graph of sales calls the reps made and how they corresponded to the size of their deals, it didn’t add up. So, besides from not having Spiro to help keep them on top of all their deals, why were these guys not pursuing the best opportunities?

Bluntly put, it’s because most sales guys aren’t mathematicians. We’re busy moving on to the next opportunity and can’t stop to crunch the numbers —

That’s why we developed Spiro: an AI-Powered CRM that’ll be your ace in the hole.

Spiro’s algorithm looks at your pipeline through the eyes of a shark, with a one-track mind for catching the biggest fish in the sea. It uses the magic formula of win rate, deal size, and number of opportunities to optimize cash flow to your bank account by gearing you toward the deals that are the best investment of your time.

Salespeople win MORE and BIGGER deals using Spiro – an average of 11 percent more deals per month at 18 percent larger. Spiro streamlines the decision process for sales guys so they have more time to focus on better opportunities – 88 percent of users said they were able to work more opportunities while using our app.

Spiro focuses you on the high priority accounts by crunching data from your account, phone call history, email, and calendar. Everything you do in the app will be logged into Salesforce, saving you time and hassle. Spiro also gets smarter every time you use it with intelligent adaptive technology. Check out more of what it can do here.

Let’s be real, salespeople don’t go to work for kicks – they go to work to kick ass and take names. So why do so many salespeople do the opposite? Spiro will help you take an analytical approach to your career without focusing on time-wasters with opportunities you LIKE, but don’t make you the kind of money that you WANT.

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About the Author Andy Levi

Andy Levi is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Spiro Technologies. Andy is a technologist with a background in sales and was originally from Venezuela although many people can’t place his accent. He focused on CRM technologies for the past 20 years and built mission critical applications used by over 100,000 sales people.

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